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any expected deliverer

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The Devil's Party: a History of Charlatan Messiahs. Colin Wilson.
Chanoch's sarcastic refrain warns of misplaced faith, whether in free markets or in messiahs. Yes, the best Jewish teachings discourage searching for wonder-workers.
She was once at an under-rehearsed performance - she calls them "drive-by Messiahs" - when the mezzo began an aria.
Richard is travelling from Belfast where he regularly sings in local Messiahs as well as local opera.
Philip Jenkins, Mystics and Messiahs: Cults and New Religions in American History.
This Jesus needs to be in a rest home for underachieving Messiahs.
This treatment includes the diverse titles of the Messiah, "the star and the scepter" in the Damascus Document, the role of the Davidic Messiah, the Messiahs of Aaron and Israel (one or two?), the origin of priestly messianism, the relation of various figures called Teacher, Priest, and Prophet to the Messiah, the messianic throne in heaven, the Messiah as Son of God, the Danielic Son of Man and its development in 1 Enoch and Fourth Ezra.
Harris Lenowitz is a professor emeritus of languages and literature at the University of Utah and author of The Jewish Messiahs: From the Galilee to Crown Heights.
If Jesus' time was filled with all these supposed prophets and false messiahs roaming around, what makes Jesus unique?
Reading the Gospel of John's Christology as Jewish Messianism: Royal, Prophetic, and Divine Messiahs
It's not surprising that "Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive'' feels like a relic from another era: It's the first album Worcester punk rockers the Prefab Messiahs have put out since they broke up in 1983.
If there ever was an epoch of laborious Messiahs, it has certainly passed.
Why does the cult of Menahem Mendel Schneerson seem like a freak of Jewish history, when earlier messiahs, from Bar Kokhba to Shabbetai Zevi, convulsed the entire Jewish world?
Marshall mentions an interesting Jewish belief that sheds light on this: "After studying the twelfth chapter of Zechariah, some rabbis concluded that there would be two different Messiahs. The first they call Messiah ben Joseph ("Messiah son of Joseph") ...