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a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax

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Sodexo was awarded the contract to operate 31 additional mess halls in February 2011.
They worried that the troops, who watch cable news in the mess halls and blog in the internet cafes might mistake the public revulsion over a particular set of uses for a dislike of soldiers in general.
Biloxi native Mark Jones has served in the mess halls of the United States Army, jumped out of planes with former President George H.W.
Occupied by the Coast Guard from 1966-1995, South Island is populated with dormitories, mess halls, warehouses and repair sheds that will all likely be razed for the island's planned revitalization.
By giving Halliburton the jobs of handling military mail and running the mess halls, the Administration has succeeded in taking those jobs away from our military (while increasing taxpayer costs) and leaving our volunteer forces, the Reservists, and National Guard only the job of fighting and dying.
Contractors have moved from their traditional battlefield chores of running mess halls to interrogating prisoners, a gritty, nasty job usually handled by military intelligence officers.
This article surveys the current controversy over military mess halls under the RSA.
The purpose of this memorandum is to clarify the procurement relationship between products and services available from the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled (JWOD Act) and the Randolph-Sheppard (RS) Act operation of vending facilities (including cafeterias and mess halls).
Indeed, traditionally for building trades unions the "paramount question" had "always been the 'working rules' "--agreed individually between crafts and local employers--that included rates of pay and the provision of mess halls, grinding time and tea-breaks, etc., for key individual trades.
Internees lived in roughly constructed barracks, suffered the extremes of weather, ate in mess halls, and endured the isolation and tedium of prison life.
Visitors will get acquainted with the social and living conditions created in military units, will visit service and administrative buildings, soldiers' barracks and mess halls.
The guests got acquainted with the military infrastructure, its administrative and office buildings, and facilities located on the territory of the military unit, as well as with the soldiers' barracks, mess halls, and military equipment.
At the conclusion of the mass held in one of BRP Tarlac's mess halls, the Marine Band of NTF 87 sang Christmas carols.
According to a press release issued by US Embassy, the $2.62 million Spina Thana Compound project provides offices, residential housing, barracks, mess halls, sentry posts, and pickets for 900 FCY personnel.
The predominantly white non-cannery workers and the predominantly non-white cannery employees lived in separate dormitories and ate in separate mess halls.