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a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax

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I would perform a simple taste test on my own, or ask the culinary specialist when I wanted to eat rice from the mess hall. Other than that, I got my carbohydrates from morning oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, legumes, and nuts.
While working in the mess hall, Albert spotted the tall and beautiful Powell.
The fort included a mess hall, the commander's office, streets, dorms and shops for a butcher and a blacksmith.
Friends made over lanyard sessions and mess hall lunches followed you into the water, ready for a splash to cool off on a hot summer day.
| Queen and Country looks back on 50s England with palpable nostalgia When not being bullied by their Sergeant Major (David Thewlis), Bill and his mates are passing the time with larks that include stealing a clock in the mess hall and romancing the local girls.
When not being bullied by the Sergeant Major (David Thewlis), Bill and his mates are passing the time with larks including stealing a clock in the mess hall and romancing local girls.
At the old mess hall, glaciologist Gwenn Flowers from Simon Fraser University spoke about her field season and results from Glacier One.
This phase will include the construction of a complex that includes quarters, a mess hall and other shops and service stations.
Future expansions at the main plant in Jubail include the construction of a new mess hall, foreman offices, an employee training facility and the addition of more area for product storage.
The pages are studded with asterisks directing readers to footnotes, which relate witty anecdotes that sound as though they originated in a regimental mess hall. Corrigan seems puzzled by the actions of foreigners, clearly preferring the stolid British working man.
The food service timings in the mess hall are 3.45am to 6.30am (breakfast), 11am to 1pm (lunch) and 6pm to 8pm (dinner).
Northern Aviation Services, a division of NAC, has reconfigured the building that once served as the mess hall and kitchen, transforming it into a first class charter terminal for the use of their client, Shell Alaska Exploration.
Photos of the aftermath showed the base mess hall collapsed by the blast wave.
The 4-foot diameter metal artwork now adorns the mess hall at Veterans Inc.'s headquarters.
To achieve that, the firm combined earthy, organic forms with military touches, such as Emeco's aluminum 111 Navy chair, and used aspects of communal and mess hall dining.