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Synonyms for mess



mess about or around: potter about


  • potter about
  • dabble
  • amuse yourself
  • footle
  • fool about or around
  • muck about or around
  • piss about or around
  • play about or around

mess about or around: meddle


mess something up: botch


  • botch
  • bungle
  • make a hash of
  • make a nonsense of
  • make a pig's ear of
  • cock something up
  • fuck something up
  • muck something up
  • muddle something up

mess with something or someone

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Synonyms for mess

a ruinous state of disorder

an unsightly object

an individual quantity of food

to handle something idly, ignorantly, or destructively

to put (the hair or clothes) into a state of disarray

mess around: to waste time by engaging in aimless activity

mess around: to be nervously or uselessly active

mess around: to be sexually unfaithful to another

mess up: to put into total disorder

mess up: to be rough or brutal with


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Synonyms for mess

a state of confusion and disorderliness

informal terms for a difficult situation

a meal eaten in a mess hall by service personnel

Related Words

a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax

make a mess of or create disorder in


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In that case, find somewhere else for your dog to live and stop leaving all the mess for my two-year-old to fall into.
The outspoken Minister said: 'People describe Iraq as a mess. But it is a mess that can't launch an attack now on Iran; a mess that won't be able to march into Kuwait; it's a mess that can't develop nuclear weapons.
It's a special trough made of 24 gauge steel that hooks onto the hub and channels the oil straight into a can of drip pan with no mess.
Likewise, voluntarily taking on more chores around the house might show the folks that, yes, you messed up, but you can be mature and responsible.
Served by the mess building, now reconfigured to house a cafe, bar, foyers and wcs, the cocoon contains a 650 capacity concert hall, split over a ground floor and dress circle mezzanine level.
But Mess had a painful secret that could provide an explanation: she had undergone an abortion 10 years earlier.
The Revolution in Training, a CNO initiative to increase mission accomplishment by refocusing attention on individual excellence, brought the Navy and the CIA together last year as part of a project to revamp the mess management specialist occupation by incorporating college credits and industry certifications into professional development to maximize individual Sailor potential.
Anna Ryder-Richardson and Linda Barker are to revamp two mess decks on board HMS Kent, the Navy's newest warship, a BBC spokeswoman said.
Chewed gum hardens into a gloppy mess that sticks to and stains everything.
The study was intended to determine how to increase bar operating revenues, decrease operating expenses and improve customer service in 25 officer, enlisted and consolidated open mess bar operations in 15 continental U.S.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte became the center of attention in social media last week, June 4 - and for good reason - when he was captured cleaning up after his mess, after he spilled his cup of coffee inside the Dutch Parliament.
Crack down on doggy offenders WE see in the press that most dog owners (I have a small dog) complain about being "hounded" by enforcement officers who were put in place to protect us all from the dangers of dog mess, particularly children who despite our concerns decide to roam almost everywhere and invariably end up with this mess on their shoes and bodies and bring it into our homes.
CITY councillors say Birmingham is becoming a mess as another group of digital advertising boards is awarded planning permission City planners have called for a full review of the dazzling illuminated billboards which they say are making "a mess" of Birmingham.