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being or growing in or adapted to a moderately moist environment

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Fire suppression that began in the 1940's has allowed for conditions to favor mesophytic species commonly associated with the northern hardwood forest type such as American beech, yellow birch, and maples to increase in abundance in the advance regeneration pool [8, 73].
I crave the deep forests there ("the greatest mesophytic forests on earth"), the endless speciation and fruiting bodies.
The course covers identification of materials, both hardscape and softscape; design faults and hazards in the garden; plants and accessories appropriate for the landscape as to style, design and climate; techniques of plant propagation, care and maintenance; formal, informal, Western, Oriental, mass, minimalist styles; making a rock garden and the principles of Zen or meditation gardens; and xerophytic and mesophytic outdoor and indoor gardening for healthy living.
By Holdrigde system, this location is in the area of tropical rainforest, tropical forest with deciduous and mesophytic with high proportion of evergreen species.
In addition, fire reduces soil moisture that would favor mesophytic species, prepares a seedbed by reducing litter thickness, and reduces competition from fire-intolerant species (Barnes and Van Lear 1998, Darley-Hill and Johnson 1981, Van Lear and Watt 1993).
The study area was predominantly (89%) composed of mesophytic forests, which are characterized by nearly 30 dominant tree species (Ricketts et al.
In most localities the mature mesophytic forests in which three-birds live are rare, so many other uncommon habitat-specific plants, animals, and fungi of this ecosystem are protected at the same site.
The Southwestern Appalachians are characterized by open, low mountains containing mixed oaks and shortleaf pine in upland forest, with mixed mesophytic forest located in ravines and escarpment slopes.
Fossil evidence suggests that climate of the region probably was more tropical and humid in the past and, therefore, probably supported a more mesophytic flora.
Mature forests may be dominated by American beech (Fagusgrandifalia Ehrh.) and sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.) or by oaks (Quercus spp.) and hickories (Carya spp.), demonstrating the unique ecotonal position of the site between the beech-maple and western mesophytic forest associations (Braun 1950) and a diversity of forest community types in relation to local physical-environmental conditions and human-historical processes (Medley and Krisko 2007).
During the mid-Cenozoic, eastern Asia and eastern North America were spanned by mesophytic forests that were eventually separated into Asian and American components during the early Pliocene, a culmination of long-term trends in the cooling and drying of central and northern North America.
The manager mentioned the mesophytic forest around the city of Taxco as a potential site for the development of such an activity.
In their native state they are too dry for mesophytic vegetation to survive.