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land plant growing in surroundings having an average supply of water

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In the other five ELTPs, the total importance of mesophytes (W = 56.3-76.5) was about two to five times greater than the importance of early-successional species (IVs = 15.8-33.5).
In the unglaciated portion of the state, beech was interspersed with southern mesophytes throughout dense upland forests and in ravines.
* Mesophytes are "normal" plants that are adapted to tropical and temperature regions and depend on precipitation for growth and development.
Warming introduced the terms hydrophytes, xerophytes, mesophytes, and halophytes for the plants typical of wet, dry, temperate, and saline environments.
Conversely, the hydrologic balance in a humid region, with 2,000mm (80in) of annual precipitation, may be as follows: (a) 40 percent of precipitation going to the potential evapotranspiration of mesophytes and hydrophytes; (b) 10 percent to evaporation, mostly from water bodies; and (c) 50 percent to runoff.
There was a tendency for salt- or water stress-tolerant taxa to have lower values, and for hydrophytes and mesophytes to have higher values along DCA axis 1 (Fig.
herbaceous mesophytes, shrubs and woody trees in angiosperms;
There is evidence that ABA normally plays a role in resistance of mesophytes to water stress.
Mesophytes Plants that are adapted to both tropical and temperate regions and depend on precipitation for growth.
Examples might be the xerophytes and mesophytes of Warming or Odum's visualization of biotic diversity into producers, consumers, and decomposers.