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of or pertaining to a meson


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The proton-neutron interconversion acts to cause a mixing of wave functions and the exchange of a mesonic mediator.
The eigensolutions of the supersymmetric conformal algebra thus have a 2 x 2 Pauli matrix representation, where the upper-left component corresponds to mesonic q[bar.q] colorsinglet bound states; the two off-diagonal eigensolutions [[psi].sup.[+ or -]] correspond to a pair of Fock components of baryonic quark-diquark states with equal weight, where the quark spin is parallel or antiparallel to the baryon spin, respectively.
Also, the mesonic atom is an ordinary atom with one or more of its electrons replaced by negative mesons.
The constants of such interactions, as it follows from the quark model of the mesonic exchange (see [11]), are not a large one; i.e., [B.sub.3]N interaction is suppressed in comparison with the NN interaction.
Zhang, "Mesonic tensor form factors with the light front quark model," Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, vol.
The QCD sum rules method introduced in [2] was extremely useful for studying the properties of mesonic systems.