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having a robust muscular body-build characterized by predominance of structures (bone and muscle and connective tissue) developed from the embryonic mesodermal layer

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The result obtained with the handball players is a total mesomorphic athletic type with an emphasized longitudinal dimension of the skeleton, a constant relationship between the bone and muscle tissue and somewhat higher values of fat tissue and endomorphic component.
(d) Fractions of amorphous, mesomorphic, and [gamma]-phases as the function of pressurization rates for 2 GPa pressure.
(2004) in a study of high-performance Argentinean athletes, determined a predominantly mesomorphic somatotype in males and a medium, mesomorph-endomorph biotype in females, reaffirming a sexual dimorphism between athletes and different athletic disciplines.
[19] also found significantly higher endomorphic and significantly lower mesomorphic scores in inactive individuals, while they found that athletes were mesomorphic ectomorph.
Clrcu, "Mesomorphic behaviour of N-benzoyl-N'-aryl thioureas liquid crystalline compounds," Journal of Molecular Structure, vol.
In terms of somatotype values, wrestlers are thought to have a mesomorphic character (very high muscularity) as the study that having been with Olympic wrestlers had an average somatotype of 2.3 (endomorph), 6.4 (mesomorph) and 1.6 (ectomorph) (Horswill 1992).
Similar deduction can be drawn considering the effect of Mayo's ectomorphic and mesomorphic pilot transfer function on the closed-loop stability.
Tandel, "Effects of different terminal substituents on the mesomorphic behavior of some azo-Schiff base and azo-ester-based liquid crystals," Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, vol.
Mesomorphic people have an accelerated metabolism and athletic, lean body, with low waist, narrow and broad shoulders, a square jaw and high cheekbones.
Nowadays the desire for a thin body shape is widely generalized among the population, especially women, as well as that of a mesomorphic body type among men.
About the somatotype, men showed a mesomorphic predominance and women showed a endomorphic predominance.
They have large eyes, broad shoulders, and graceful mesomorphic bodies.
The average number of vessels per group for the family, 1.6, can be interpreted as indicating that the secondary xylem is mesomorphic, if only by means of succulence (Carlquist, 1998a).
Whereas men typically want to be mesomorphic or have a defined muscular (but not excessively large) body, women desired to be thin (Arbour & Martin Ginis, 2006; Jones & Crawford, 2005; Tylka & Andorka, 2012).
Mantecon, Dimeric liquid-crystalline epoxyimine monomers: influence of dipolar moments on mesomorphic behavior and the formation of liquid-crystalline thermosets, J.