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Synonyms for mesmerized

having your attention fixated as though by a spell

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'Mesmerized' presents dreamlike and fantastic images of a circus as seen by a child for the first time: the costumed clowns, confetti and everything else out of the ordinary, evoke the heightened sense of wonder and delight of a child.
Abida Parveen also mesmerized the audience with her famous rendition 'Lal meri pat rakhiyo bhala jhoole laalan' at end of Sufi musical night.
New Delhi, February 24 (ANI): Now US President, Barack Obama is mesmerized by Slumdog Millionaire.According to the White House Obama wants to watch the acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire.The exhilarating rags-to-riches fairy tale set in Mumbai,swept the Oscars with eight awards including the best picture, best director, best adapted screenplay; with A R Rahman becoming the only Indian to bag two Oscars for the best score and original song.
Readers become mesmerized as Tate and her friends venture into a wild life filled with sex, clubbing, gambling and lusting to name a few, but a life threatening event changes their lives forever.
Or you could just open A Seahorse Year and be mesmerized. While her new novel is more ambitious than her well-received debut, Tea, with a larger cast of characters and more complicated issues (gay families, long-term relationships, secrets, madness), it has the same attention to detail and the same heady combination of close focus and narrative sweep.
YOB fans will be mesmerized, Sabbath/Sleep heads in awe ...
Investors and developers were mesmerized by the charm of the 110,000 sq.
Painted in fast, loose strokes, such scenes take sharp turns into the absurd: a boy mesmerized by the miracle of his own canoe-size sneakers, the appearance of sheep and a ghost against looming backdrops of public housing, not to mention the bizarre clash of nineteenth-century lace-up boots, bowler hats, and petticoats with contemporary do-rags and NBA gear.
While relaxing on the deck of the cruiser with the breeze from the water tapping your skin, you will be mesmerized by the rolling hills of green foliage, the layers and layers of golden pagodas (Buddhist temples), and the, riverbank locals conducting their daily routines, such as washing clothes, keeping an eye on playing children, and waving from the riverbank as the cruiser passes by.
Alison Winter, Mesmerized: Powers of Mind in Victorian Britain.
ISLAMABAD -- A living legend Abida Perveen and young musicians group Bakhshi brothers have mesmerized audience at Islamabad Spring Festival in Sufi musical night at Convention Center.