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the act of inducing hypnosis

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Westervelt, Zenobia's former lover and a mesmerist, gives public demonstrations of a "phenomenon in the mesmeric line" that grants, as a spectator tells Coverdale, "miraculous power of one human being over the will and passions of another, such that settled grief was but a shadow, beneath the influence of a man possessing this potency" (3: 5, 198).
(1.887-892) Here, Aurora's "pipers"--the (notably patriarchal) poetic canon--take the place of the mesmerist Dr.
We remember that Blavatsky (1877i: 109) presented the ABC of spiritism as consisting of the rudimentary knowledge that there are two types of spirital practicians: the active mesmerists, and the passive mediums.
"I never said it was probable: I only said it was true" says Monk Lewis, and so say the Mesmerists. And what is more, they do not content themselves with simply asserting the truth of the existence of that wonderful power and effect implied in the name we have prefixed to this paper ["Animal Magnetism"], but they have accumulated, and are daily accumulating, such masses of evidence in support of their assertion, that it becomes even more difficult, to the open and candid mind, to withhold than to yield its assent." (10)
Assisted on-stage by the American mesmerist Sheldon Chadwick, who billed himself as "Professor Chadwick," The West London Observer reported that Brown's stage science, consisting of experiments in "mesmerism and biology" were both "excellent" and "successful" (qtd.
"Red Lights" works best when it sticks to deconstructing the tactics of psychics and mesmerists, delivering much the same pleasure as watching a magician reveal his tricks, though pic loses its way when trying to flesh out its protagonists.
Besides thousands of more or less regular doctors, there are in Los Angeles no end of chiropractors, osteopaths, "drugless physicians" faith-healers, health lecturers, manufacturers and salesmen of all sorts of health "stabilizers" and "normalizers," psychoanalysts, phynotists, mesmerists, the glow-of-life mystics, astro-therapeutists, miracle men and women--in short, quacks and charlatans of all descriptions.
Post, who fortified his finances with Grape Nuts and Postum, attracted nudists, homeopaths, mesmerists, phrenologists, pacifists, abolitionists, prohibitionists, and feminists, as well as the derision of those who dismissed them all as fakes and crazies.
And it is the quarrel that Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy also had with mesmerists, spiritualists, and others moving beyond Christian revelation.
But even with his fake name, appropriated past, perfect show family, and less than ethical approach to client management, Don Draper stands apart from the cynics, hoodwinks, hacks, and evil mesmerists who populate the pages of such anti-advertising tomes as The Hucksters, The Hidden Persuaders, and No Logo.
It is tempting simply to recapitulate the many stories Appignanesi tells, for they are fascinating, especially those from the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, when murderesses, cataleptics, and erotomaniacs were analyzed and treated (and in the process, Appignanesi suggests, often produced) by empiricists, mesmerists, and psychoanalysts.
So, too, was the attack on regular practitioners by the growing ranks of medical botanists, naturopaths, hydropaths, mesmerists, and the like who accused orthodox medicine, with its toxic pharmacopeia, of poisoning patients in the interest of profit and professional advancement.
with feelings of great distrust and reluctance, as it was notorious that for years unprincipled persons had imposed on the public by pretending to all manner of occult powers as mesmerists. They had so offended by these means the feelings of right-minded people, and had produced such disgust of these phenomena, that many felt it was impossible to investigate hypnotism without contamination.
Besides attending a number of the important mesmeric experiments conducted by various leading medical mesmerists (such as Elliotson's experiments at the Gower Street home of Dr Leighton) Mayo also mesmerised the most able mesmeric sensitives of the period.
(3) What Mesmer often terms "universal fluid" is thus also commonly called "magnetic fluid." Mesmerists claim to use magnetic influence to heal the sick and bring others under their control.