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a person who induces hypnosis

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The difference between mesmerism and nervous sympathy is that, whereas mesmerism operates on the basis of the mesmerist's will, the action of nervous sympathy is unconscious.
Accounts of the practice indeed suggest that the mesmeric subject often lost all speech and hearing unless the mesmerist addressed her.
Mesmer referred to this as 'animal magnetism,' and this happens through what he believed was a transference of 'ethereal fluid' between the mesmerist and the client.
There was there the mighty power, whatever it be, which it is said once dared dispute the empire of heaven with the Omnipotent, and which all ages have called Satan, whether it is to be called evil with the Christian, or good with the philanthropist, a person with the believer, or a primitive and elemental force with the mesmerist. France, Europe was mesmerized.
Sammy plays the mesmerist's subject, but he is forced to engage in increasingly humiliating acts, culminating in removing his clothes on stage and revealing a half-starved body to the mocking crowd.
Hardly the mesmerist I'd hoped to hear, though there's this consoling thought: A river can't lead you to nowhere.
That would happen toward the end of the nineteenth century, in Victorian works such as George du Maurier's Trilby (1894), whose demonic Jewish mesmerist, Svengali, gave memorable form to the era's anti-Semitic anxieties; or, more obliquely, in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897), which coded the monster at its core as Jewish in covert yet potent ways.
Torture doesn't work to bring it back, so underworld tough guy Franck (Vincent Cassel, terrifically unpredictable) suggests hypnotism, allowing Simon to pick his own mesmerist. He opts for Elizabeth Lamb, played by Rosario Dawson, whose sultry power over men makes plausible how easily her character manages to put Simon under.
Several years later, in the "only direct literary outcome of this episode," Dickens published "a tale of the uncanny set in Italy and called 'To Be Read At Dusk,'" in which he "makes the relationship between powerful male mesmerist and female subject explicitly sexual in nature" (Slater 233).
Assisted on-stage by the American mesmerist Sheldon Chadwick, who billed himself as "Professor Chadwick," The West London Observer reported that Brown's stage science, consisting of experiments in "mesmerism and biology" were both "excellent" and "successful" (qtd.
Her partner is Svengali, a sinister mesmerist who first appeared when Trilby was frequenting the artists' house, and who, it quickly transpired, held a bewitching spell over her.
New Thought doctrine contained Neoplatonic features (Judah 44), and showed the influence of Swedenborg, Charles Poyden, the French mesmerist, and Andrew Jackson Davis (Ahlstrom, 1026).
What she does not know is that the mesmerist is also a murderer, and when she awakes from her trance, she finds herself in the frame for the villain''s most recent crime.
The latest novel to be translated into English is set in 1938, when a Peruvian poet suffers an undiagnosed illness and is treated by the Mesmerist Pierre Pain.