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a person who induces hypnosis

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Assisted on-stage by the American mesmerist Sheldon Chadwick, who billed himself as "Professor Chadwick," The West London Observer reported that Brown's stage science, consisting of experiments in "mesmerism and biology" were both "excellent" and "successful" (qtd.
For example, a picture of a contemporary operating theater, or the carefully annotated political cartoons showing Victoria and Peel as successful mesmerists (thus demonstrating the power of the mesmerizer and the inferiority of the mesmerized subject), are exciting testimonies to her argument; whereas portraits of Dionysius Lar dner or Thomas Wakley, or even the playbill showing Charles Dickens as an actor in a private performance of Inchbald's Animal Magnetism, are of marginal interest.
Rather than acting as the emancipators of blacks, abolitionists enslave white citizens by exerting an influence that echoes the relation between master and mesmerist on the one side and slave and somnambulist on the other by clamoring "to enlist the passions of their followers, exact implicit obedience from them, and rule them with the utmost intolerance and authority" ("Slavery," p.
A most striking case was Jane Carlyle (wife of Thomas) who, in spite of herself, experienced, in the presence of a mesmerist, a force akin to that of clutching a Galvanic ball.
Similarly, because Weaver conflates the roles of mesmerist and mesmerized subject, he represents the same kind of refiguration of "Proof Positive'"s own genesis that "The Facts in the Case of M.
Mesmerist Zoltan (Peter Woodthorpe) is called upon to reactivate the creature's (Kiwi Kingston) damaged brain with hypnotism.
In addition, here were such diverse draws as Levene the Mesmerist, with a most entertaining exhibition and Jem Mace, the champion of England in pugilism.
He also pressed dubious potions on ailing friends, consulted a mesmerist for possible help for a weak hand (January 13, 1880), and regaled Jane Morris with quasi-supernatural anecdotes (about a supposed encounter between William Holman Hunt and the Devil, for example [January 7, 1880]), and petty gossip (Agnes Jervis' desertion of her husband George Lewes, for example, was justified since "her husband was such a horrid fellow .
Originally opened in 1887 as Levino's Hall, named after American mesmerist Professor Dolph Levino, it was described as "An Architectural Triumph" with its large dome and circular glass window.
21) The academicians were "parasites" and "oppressors of the fatherland" (Darnton 97), determined to crush the independent mesmerist Nicolas Bergasse, who exercised "civic virtues under a corrupt government" (Darnton 112).
I was led to such questions by Browning's poem "Mesmerism," from 1855's Men and Women, in which he draws on the language of early photography to evoke the eerie power of a mesmerist attempting to create an image of his mistress and so draw her toward him.
11) The dominant gendering of the mesmeric scene whereby a male mesmerist possesses a passive female patient, represented by William Gregory's paradigmatic Letters to a Candid Inquirer on Animal Magnetism (1851) which was sent by Tennyson to his brother Frederick in December 1852 (Porter, pp.
This period produced many other claims, such as transpositions of the senses, traveling clairvoyance, face-to-face or distant medical diagnosis, seeing the mesmeric fluid around the mesmerist or between the mesmerist and the mesmeree, induction of trance at a distance, and the so-called community of sensation reported between mesmerist and mesmeree (Dingwall, 1967-1968; Gauld, 1992).
This week he tells us about the mesmerist, the circus clown and the pugilist who once trod the boards of the old wooden circus theatre in Wood Street: "Canton had always the best shows in the town.
Besides thousands of more or less regular doctors, there are in Los Angeles no end of chiropractors, osteopaths, "drugless physicians" faith-healers, health lecturers, manufacturers and salesmen of all sorts of health "stabilizers" and "normalizers," psychoanalysts, phynotists, mesmerists, the glow-of-life mystics, astro-therapeutists, miracle men and women--in short, quacks and charlatans of all descriptions.