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Peres recounts that Ben-Gurion's formidable wife Paula suddenly rushed down into the basement where the Labor caucus was meeting to tell a startled delegate that her husband had gone mad ("meshugge gevoren").
Best actress awards went to Juliane Koehler and Maria Schrader for "Aimee & Jaguar." Best actor went to August Diehl for "23." Music nod went to Nikki Reiser for "Meshugge" and Caroline Link's "Annaluise and Anton."
and bist meshugge to cuisine such as blintzes and borsht to items of ritual, such as havdallah or kharoses.
Others, like "nudnik" and "meshugge," haven't made a dent, though they deserve better.
Your opinion was correct, every other was mad, wild, meshugge, not normal.