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a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines

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Intraoperative picture showing large fluid filled cyst (containing six litres of dark fluid), arising from mesentery of descending colon
SEM images showed a convoluted mesenterial filament along the mesentery (Fig.
When the bowel injury is in the form of a hematoma or rupture or when there is a hematoma or rupture formation in the bowel mesentery, then physical examination does not reveal pathological signs.
Grossly, fibromatosis is poorly circumscribed, and the bulk of the lesion involves the abdominal wall or mesentery, only secondarily involving the luminal GI tract.
The cyst was firm and adherent to the mesentery and the colon (Figure 2).
Large blood and lymphatic vessels and nerve trunks travel through the serosa (from and to the mesentery) to reach the wall of the digestive tract.
The arrangement is by organ: esophagus; stomach; duodenum; small bowel; colon and appendix; liver; spleen; gallbladder; pancreas; and peritoneum, retroperitoneum, and mesentery.
It mainly develops from the four components; septum transversum, pleuroperitoneal membranes, dorsal mesentery of the esophagus and muscular ingrowth from the lateral body walls.
The intestine and mesentery were eviscerated and were profusely soiled.
According to their treatment, two subgroups were defined: group 1 (nonoperation group, 6 cases); all were treated with multiple agents chemotherapy following four to ten courses of multiple agents chemotherapy until tumor progression; group 2 (operation group, 6 cases) underwent exploratory laparotomy, followed by en bloc resection in two cases and debulking or cytoreductive surgery in four cases, because the lesions were found as multiple nodes in different sizes and distributed in multiple organs including peritoneum, mesentery, and pelvic cavity.
Obturator hernia was also confirmed on right side containing mesentery. The hernial defect was covered on either side with prosthetic mesh.
Moles as well as fracture callouses of the ribs and a laceration to the mesentery. Mesentery refers to a supporting membrane or a membrane enclosing an internal organ.
At laparotomy, it was found that the dorsal mesentery was absent, which caused spontaneous intermittent volvulus of the duodenum with intermittent occlusion of the common bile duct, causing pancreatitis.