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a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines

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Defense lawyers contended that a tightening of the leather belts would not damage the inmates' mesenteries and that the defendants used the leather belts as part of their official duties.
Host/Parasite Location in host Prevalence (a) Intensity (b) Scaphiopus hurterii Protista Protoopalina rectum 3/14 (21%) (b) mitotica Nyctotherus rectum 3/14 (21%) (b) cordiformis Cestoidea Mesocestoides liver, coelom, 3/14 (21%) (b) lineatus mesenteries Nematoda Cosmocercoides rectum 1/14 (7%) 8 [+ or -] - variabilis Oswaldocruzia small intestine 4/14 (29%) 3.
A piece of ileum was removed, cleaned of fat and adhering connective tissues such as mesenteries and placed in a Petri dish containing tyrode solution.
A myriad of locations may house the metacercariae including the gills, heart, mesenteries, muscles, intestine, or stomach wall (Scholz et al.