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a double layer of peritoneum that attaches to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports the small intestines

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The two filaments on the side opposite the siphonoglyph (the narrow, flagellated groove of the pharynx) are the longest and thickest, and are often bilobed; the filaments on the other six mesenteries contain digestive gland cells, and produce gonads (Fabricius and Alderslade, 2001).
During embryonic life, the primitive gastrointestinal tract is anchored to the anterior and posterior abdominal walls by ventral and dorsal mesenteries respectively.
As the intestines assume their final positions, their mesenteries are pressed against the posterior abdominal wall.
Defense lawyers contended that a tightening of the leather belts would not damage the inmates' mesenteries and that the defendants used the leather belts as part of their official duties.
Seven to nine slides with 4-8 sections each, and 20-56 mesenteries per section, were observed for each colony under light microscope.
These two species of tapeworms were found encysted in the liver and mesenteries of both fish hosts.
In paratenic hosts like amphibians and reptiles, the cystacanth does not develop to maturity but migrates from the digestive tract into the coelomic cavity and encysts in mesenteries.
Cysts (metacestodes) containing larval stages of Cyclustera ibisae (Schmidt and Bush, 1972) and Glossocercus caribaensis (Rysary and Macko, 1973) were found attached to the mesenteries and in the liver of both host species.
2] and cut with a razor blade through the center of the body column in the region where gonad-bearing mesenteries are found.