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a tributary of the portal vein passing from the intestine between the two layers of mesentery

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Edema-induced mural thickening in the duodenum and the location of superior mesenteric vein to the left and anterior to superior mesenteric artery are diagnostic signs (4).
Schematic drawing showing courses of primary veins of the stomach SMV: superior mesenteric vein, IMV: inferior mesenteric vein
Abdominal contrast-enhanced CT revealed superior mesenteric vein thrombosis [Figure 1]a.
Inferior mesenteric vein with the ascending branch of left colic artery was lying close to the mouth of the sac.
Portal and superior mesenteric vein blood flow was evaluated by Duplex ultrasonography intraoperative, immediately postoperative as well as on the first and second postoperative day.
Cha et al., "Prediction and clinical implications of portal vein/superior mesenteric vein invasion in patients with resected pancreatic head cancer: the significance of preoperative CT parameters," Clinical Radiology, vol.
Longterm treatment should be considered in patients with permanent risk factors for thrombosis and concomitant mesenteric vein thrombosis, due to the risk of mesenteric infarction [40].
Caption: Figure 1: Ultrasound images of the key antenatal findings: (a) dilated appearing stomach with relatively normal duodenal diameter, not consistent with duodenal atresia; (b) concentric small bowel visible around the twisted mesenteric pedicle (whirlpool sign) and the superior mesenteric vein malpositioned on the left of the artery; and (c) dense sediment noted in the amniotic fluid, which was noted to be bile at the time of delivery.
In the literature, it has been shown that portal vein tumor thrombus in patients with gastric cancer may be associated with splenic vein, right and/or left gastric vein, or superior mesenteric vein (SMV) tumor thrombi [4].
Fulcher A, Turner M (1997) Aneurysms of the portal vein and superior mesenteric vein. Abdominal Imaging 22(3): 287-292.
Type I is further subclassified into subtype a and b based on the absence or presence of a patent connection between the superior mesenteric vein and the splenic vein.
One benefit of using the bovine mesenteric vein is its high elastin content and moderate wall thickness.
Unusual complications associated with EVBL are perforation, stenosis and mesenteric vein thrombosis14-17.
Ultrasonography can be used as an adjunct to film radiography for diagnosis of malrotation by revealing the inversion of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) / superior mesenteric vein (SMV) relationship.6 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to identify malrotation by revealing dilation of the proximal duodenum, a non-retroperitoneal positioning of the duodenum, malposition of the bowel, or inversion of the SMA/SMV relationship.7 Although foetal risk from radiology is considered to be negligible4 in practice, most pregnant women will refuse radiation exposure.
Mesenteric vein thrombosis, portal vein thrombosis, and PE were reported in 3 cases each.