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mesodermal tissue that forms connective tissue and blood and smooth muscles

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At CS12, the aortic sac was still situated in the pharyngeal mesenchyme [Figure 2]a.
During this stage, fibroblast growth factor-10 (FGF10) which is located in the mesenchyme, signals for the formation of initial bud.
The distal 5 cm of the tips were removed, and reserve mesenchyme was collected (Li et al., 2002).
We select such genes due to the fact that transcription of these genes was crucial in topological control of chicken feather's generation of follicular mesenchyme [11].
After LPS administration for 5 consecutive days, many large multinucleated osteoclasts were observed within the suture mesenchyme in the histological sections.
Fibromas are derived from cardiac mesenchyme and occur sporadically; in contrast to rhabdomyomas, they remain confined to the myocardium without extending into the cardiac cavities [2].
These include hepatic endoderm cells and both endothelial and septum mesenchyme cells.
Hana'a suffered from sarcoma, a rare cancer, which is a result of transformed cells of mesenchyme origin.
Persistent high position of tongue, increase facial width, overall reduction in the facial mesenchyme, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of vitamins (especially folic acid) during first week of pregnancy, maternal age and diabetes mellitus in the mother, all appear to be related to the occurrence of facial clefts.4-5
It was observed that the basal lamina limiting the hepatic endoderm was destroyed and hepatoblasts started to migrate into the septum transversum mesenchyme on the intrauterine 9.0-9.5th day (4, 5).
Deep vertical growth may be limited by underlying nasal bone in the dorsum but less so by the soft tissue of the nasal tip." Alternatively, as suggested by other investigators, an embryologic explanation is also possible--"the fusion lines between neural crest-derived mesenchyme and ectoderm-derived nasal placodes may have different properties in the vicinity of the nasal dorsum and nasal tip that predispose them to the development of superficial and deep hemangiomas, respectively," they reported (Ped Dermatol.
The main objectives which indicate the novel and original aspects of the current study were to compare the evaluated characteristics of the tumor growth, penetration to the CAM mesenchyme, and correlation of these phenomena with the EZH2 and p53 expression in the tumor as a response to the treatment with different NaVP concentrations in the CAM model.
A benign mesenchymoma is a rare soft tissue tumor that consists of fibrous tissue and two or more differentiated types of cells of mesenchyme origin that are not found at the host site.
In the Group I, the initial development of the bronchi and bronchioles was observed in the lung parenchyma, which were surrounded by abundant fetal mesenchyme and blood vessels (Figures 2A2C), typical characteristics of the pseudoglandular stage.