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a colorless Mexican liquor distilled from fermented juices of certain desert plants of the genus Agavaceae (especially the century plant)

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Onofre enjoyed the small time before his ordination to sample the pleasures of secular life, having ridden to Santa Fe with a group of cousins on or around his fourteenth birthday, and there visiting the many cantinas and puterios, and having for the extent of his privileged adolescence free access to the casks of wine and mescal kept in the cellar of Don Juan Miguel's hacienda.
Pulque is one of three archetypical "Mexican" drinks, the others being tequila and mescal.
North American Indians used mescal beans (Sophora secundiflora) before they began to use peyote.
I was involved in a study of Malcolm Lowry, whose reputation rests chiefly on his novel Under the Volcano, the story of a former British consul in Mexico whose thirst for arcane knowledge is exceeded only by his craving for mescal and, ultimately, for death.
Sobre el suelo colocan otra serie de ofrendas, tales como: wares (cestas) con tortillas, tonare (caldo con carne sin sal), tesguino (cerveza tradicional de maiz), mescal, asi como un metate, espejo/s, bateas, sonajas.
Myself and Don Mescal wrote a song for them that's on their new album.
MESCAL, a newmiracle drug, has always had its routes into the world.
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Orestes; Ultrahigh frequency; the mescal or peyote cactus; 1995.
Mescal (Agave colorata) a beautiful plant that is used in Mexico to ferment an alcoholic beverage of the same name--"mescal," but tequila, none the less.
What better way to top off your unusual date than to make a trip to the mescal shrine of El Carmen?
Their generosity lies in the tradition of finishing all the mescal purchased for the festivities before the celebration's end.
Key words: bacanora, mescal, local development, industrial normalization, prohibition.
They did a mescal, a mix, of my work and Jimmy's work, which I haven't seen and have had nothing to do with.
SPRINGFIELD - Marian Louise Mescal Stevens of Springfield died Jan.