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Synonyms for merry

Synonyms for merry

marked by festal celebration

Synonyms for merry

full of or showing high-spirited merriment

offering fun and gaiety

Related Words

quick and energetic

References in classic literature ?
It was strength pitted against subtlety, and the match was a merry one.
Then am I right sorry that I beat you," exclaimed the man, "for I was on my way to seek you and to try to join your merry company.
Such were the colonists of Merry Mount, as they stood in the broad smile of sunset round their venerated Maypole.
Lo, here stand the Lord and Lady of the May, whom I, a clerk of Oxford, and high priest of Merry Mount, am presently to join in holy matrimony.
In the meantime, the others plodded on at the heels of the guide, accompanied by that merry vagabond, She-wee-she.
Even in this condition, his merry spirit was not entirely quelled, and he summoned up a feeble laugh at the alarm and anxiety of those who came to his relief.
Our honest friend journeyed on his way too; and if he was merry before, he was now ten times more so.
Selfridge Merry had caught the phrase "round the world," and having once circled the globe in his steam-yacht, he seized the opportunity to send down the table several striking items concerning the shallowness of the Mediterranean ports.
As thus he walked along with a brisk step and a merry whistle, he came suddenly upon some foresters seated beneath a great oak tree.
For there, though a god, he used to tend curly-fleeced sheep in the service of a mortal man, because there fell on him and waxed strong melting desire to wed the rich-tressed daughter of Dryops, and there be brought about the merry marriage.
Perhaps the lady would not object,' said the president with great respect, and a merry twinkle in his eye.
They say there'll be no more fun now, no more merry days and glorious nights - and all my fault - I am the first to break up the jovial band, and others, in pure despair, will follow my example.
The peasant women, with their rakes on their shoulders, gay with bright flowers, and chattering with ringing, merry voices, walked behind the hay cart.
Why, Mr Trent,' returned Dick, 'there is a proverb which talks about being merry and wise.