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Synonyms for meronym

a word that names a part of a larger whole


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The entries are composed of: + entry word, + grammatical information, + definition + lexical relations (hypernym, hyponym, holonym, meronym, synonym, antonym, and related concept), [+ or -] usage notes, [+ or -] context, [+ or -] reference to another entry word, + analogical verbs.
After determining the semantic relation, we produce semantic representation composed of relation words in question and answers, its synonyms, hyponyms, meronym and hypernymy obtain from WordNet.
The last scenes of the movie show the white Zachry and the African-American Meronym with their racially-mixed grandchildren on a distant peaceful planet, an image that is meant to resolve lifetimes of lost love and millennia of racism.
ArWn Evaluation Features Semantic Relation No of Correct Relation Relation Attribute 13 11 Cause 11 9 Class member:Category 10 8 Class member:Region 6 4 Class member:Usage 3 2 Pertainym 12 8 Substance holonym 11 8 Substance meronym 11 8 Member meronym 21 15 Member holonym 21 19 Part meronym 6 4 Part holonym 6 4 Hyponym 138 99 Instance hyponym 6 4 Entails 6 4 Antonym 6 5 Similar 5 4 Derived 26 20 See also 6 5 Verb group 5 5 Participle 3 2 Hypernym 37 31 Troponym 2 2 Disharmonies 2 2 Derived related form 2 2 Total 375 285 Semantic Relation Precision Percentage Attribute 15.
IN THE YEAR 2321: Tom Hanks as Zachry and Halle Berry as Meronym in the Wachowski siblings' Cloud Atlas
The lexical cohesion types include: repetition, synonym, hypernym, hyponym, meronym (Halliday and Hasan, 1976).
Ontology matching based on hypernym, hyponym, holonym and meronym sets in WordNet.
Veronese's personified Venice is an allegorical figure, the scepter she holds a meronym for her sovereignty and authority, just as the lion is a metonym for St.
A meronym, such as gray, is an "image of parts," one which can encompass seeming opposites and can be applied to any balance or blend of its components--all of which are coterminous.
3) In addition to synonymy, antonym, hypernym, hyponym, meronym, holonym of nouns, and synonymy, antonym, hypernym, troponym, entailment of verbs, correlation between words is a useful reference in query expansion.
Similarly, the film ends with Zachry (a post-apocalyptic human, played by Tom Hanks) telling stories to his grandchildren on a new planet while looking at earth, his former homeland, and he then kisses his partner Meronym (played by Halle Berry) lovingly.
Among the above lexical cohesion, repetition, synonym, hypernym, hyponym, and meronym are found most commonly in WordNet.
Synsets are linked to each other by different relations such as synonyms, hypernyms and meronyms.
Various concepts are explained simply: synonyms (words similar in meaning), hyponyms (words that are members of the same class), meronyms (words with part-whole relationships), lexical co-occurrence (words that are related by virtue of the fact that they occur in the same real-life situations and the texts that describe them), repetition and use of pronouns for reference.
For example, Figure 3 shows that the word "brother" is an antonym of the word "sister," the phrase "organic substance" is a hyponym of the word "substance," and the two words "arm" and "leg" are meronyms of the word "body.