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a solid section between two crenels in a crenelated battlement

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The company agreed with Merlon on the acquisition in exchange of around $136 million in cash, as well as issuing 65,561,041 new ordinary shares of SOCO to Merlon International.
Por ejemplo, segun el Glosario de fortificacion y arte militar renacentistas, retirada designaba, al igual que cortadura, la "nueva construccion defensiva consistente normalmente en un parapeto con canoneras y merlones, y algunas veces con foso, que suelen hacer los sitiados en los baluartes batidos para impedir que sus enemigos se alojen en la brecha o accedan a la plaza a traves de ella" (Sanchez Orense 2012b); asi, la retirada constituiria entonces una obra provisional hecha solo cuando fuera necesario, normalmente tras la batida de algun baluarte por parte de los sitiadores.
Merlon offers integrated database management tools for HPE nonstop servers to payments, financial services, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare to optimise their HPE nonstop server databases.
Nevertheless, it can be claimed that the pairs: scarp: counterscarp and crenel: merlon do represent antonymy.
Aunque no es facil catalogar un pie como "normal" (4,5), una de las clasificaciones internacionalmente validada es utilizar los criterios biofisicos de normalidad y anormalidad descritos por Merlon L.
It was a night of double triumph in Yorkshire with Jobling's Ashington stable mate Josh Johnstone defeating Jake Morgan (Merlon Youth) on points.
Stannard says the tour began with two lectures in New York, whereas we have found only one scheduled at the beginning, with the second toward the end; he says that Waugh visited Thomas Merton on the 1949 as well as the 1948 tour, but Merlon's letters and diaries indicate that the only visit took place in 1948; he asserts that Waugh traveled directly from Milwaukee to New Orleans, whereas it was the other way around via several stops.
"It's challenging because we don't have a large water mass," said Merlon A.
Contemplative dialogue small group retreats use the Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merlon book series: Apr 20-22, May 21-23, Jun 15-17, Jul 27-29; Holy Week: Apr 4-8; Seeing with New Eyes photography retreat: Apr 27-29; Thomas Merton/Mary Oliver, Poets of the Sacred: May 18-20; five-day directed retreat: Jun 11-15, Jul 16-20; Love Poems from God: Jun 22-24; Individuals^ groups, welcome.
PetroSilah Petroleum Co., a JV of EGPC and Merlon of the US, in late 2011 drilled a new exploratory well, North-East Younes, to 8,600 ft, after having made several finds in a Fayum block.
The decision to drop the plastic bottles - called merlon - was difficult for the family, Gibson said.
(9.) Mott, Michael, The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merlon (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1984), p.
Merlon Carr, aged 27, of Tulliver Street, Radford, Coventry, three counts of failing to comply with a community order, order to continue with an extra three months' supervision.
OIL and gas exploration company Melrose Resources are set to buy their American partner Merlon Petroleum in a pounds 151.4million deal.