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(Arthurian legend) the magician who acted as King Arthur's advisor

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small falcon of Europe and America having dark plumage with black-barred tail

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"Why," said Alleyne, "a merlin is a bird of the same form as an eagle or a falcon.
Both the foresters and the laborers had risen from their bench, and Dame Eliza and the travelling doctor had flung themselves between the two parties with soft words and soothing gestures, when the door of the "Pied Merlin" was flung violently open, and the attention of the company was drawn from their own quarrel to the new-comer who had burst so unceremoniously upon them.
"It would take a clever man to live upon thy labor, Hugh," remarked one of the foresters, "seeing that the half of thy time is spent in swilling mead at the `Pied Merlin.'"
He came to me, look you, saying that if I would furnish him with a gallon of ale, wherewith to strengthen himself as he worked, and also the pigments and a board, he would paint for me a noble pied merlin which I might hang along with the blazonry over my door.
The recommended offer values Merlin at approximately 4.77 billion, providing Merlins shareholders with the certainty of cash at a 37 per cent premium to the closing price of 333 pence per Merlin share on 22 May 2019 (being the last business day before the publication of ValueAct Capitals letter to the board of Merlin which suggested that Merlin should be taken private).
LOUGHBOROUGH CARILLON MERLINS 0 LEICESTER ACADEMY 1 IT WAS a close run game between Merlins and Leicester Academy, with a goal less than 10 minutes before the end sending the Merlins to defeat.
Hunting techniques and success rates of urban merlins (Falco cotumbaiius).
He believed the Merlins would be "a real boon when they are introduced to Afghanistan later this year".
And Ile conduct you to a place retir'd, Which I by art have rais'd, call'd Merlin's Bower, There shall you dwell with solitary sighs, With grones and passions your companions, To weep away this flesh you have offended with, And leave all bare unto your aierial soul: And when you die, I will erect a Monument Upon the verdant plains of Salisbury, No King shall have so high a sepulchre, With pendulous stones that I will hang by art, Where neither Lime nor Morter shalbe us'd, A dark Enigma to the memory, For none shall have the power to number them,-- A place that I will hollow for your rest, Where no Night-hag shall walk, nor Ware-wolf tread, Where Merlins Mother shall be sepulcher'd.
Rose Forgrove Merlins, which are complementing a number of Minerva machines, are being used to pack Muller's new format two-on-two and three-on-three multi-packs of Muller Corner Fruit, Mullerlight and Mullerrice for major supermarket chains.
Replenishment ship RFA Fort Victoria (A 387) can operate five Sea Kings or Merlins, and RFA Fort Rosalie (A 385) four Sea Kings.
Colin Simms has lived all his life (so far) on merlin wintering or breeding grounds and has studied merlins in North America, Asia, and Europe especially Northern Britain.
For Taliesin and the Merlins as heirs to the druids, see 10-11.
transcosmos will further develop multi-language customer support and back-office functions in the European region to additionally globalize its E-Commerce business, while leveraging Merlins near-shore and off-shore operational sites.
Merlins of the past have had powers similar to those represented by the Ring, and they have not hesitated to use them to create kingdoms above and below the earth and to change the course of history.