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a form of social system in which power goes to those with superior intellects

the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth

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On the other hand, a meritocratic society allows movement towards mutual goals - ultimately a nation state, instead of a series of tribes and kinship held together within a geographical boundary.
The authors argue that occupational outcome becomes more meritocratic at the university level and on many occasions students from lower social backgrounds are favored due to their motivation.
Officials may gain power not through a political meritocratic system, but their legitimacy can always be criticized on the basis of technological meritocratic criteria.
And there is now institutionalized turnover and an orderly succession process in place to maintain the meritocratic principle from being undermined by self-serving private ambition.
Summary: HackerEarth's coding challenges expand the talent pool for tech hiring and make the process more meritocratic.
The decision also provides even greater context to OneDay International cricket, and provides a fully meritocratic pathway into ICC's.
The European Rugby Champions Cup will replace the Heineken Cup next weekend following two years of political wrangling that has yielded at least a 60% hike in broadcasting revenues and meritocratic qualification.
Horta-Osorio said that "Ultimately, Britain will prosper if more companies recognise the benefits that diverse, meritocratic organisations can bring.
In a generally meritocratic environment, outcomes based on creativity, innovation, or extraordinary talent are usually viewed benignly and believed to have far less damaging effects.
ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said that the ICC Women's Championship provides another fantastic opportunity for women's cricket, adding that the tournament guarantees both regular playing opportunities and a meritocratic pathway to the ICC Women's World Cup.
Using a plethora of data, Piketty argues the meritocratic values of democracy are being undermined by super-manager salaries (super-managers earn more than 500 times what shop workers earn) and inherited wealth (where birth matters more than labor or talent).
Making partner is more meritocratic than in the past," said Professor Spence.
building a meritocratic system, we have built a cratocratic one," Mesrobyan said.
The gist of this piece is that Jefferson's republicanism and his views on education required a symbiotic relationship that was "critically dependent on a democratic and meritocratic vision of education" (p.
That meritocratic ideal soon began to erode - a test preparation industry sprang up within a decade, mostly catering to well-to-do families.