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a form of social system in which power goes to those with superior intellects

the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth

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I was raised by staunch meritocrats in a thoroughly secular home where Religion was considered not so much an opiate of the masses as a relic of the primitive past.
Any reasonably competent meritocrat will know that Bess Myerson, Gary Hart, and Donald Trump belong on the Out list, but he or she has to follow the chic curve more closely to detect the sagging fortunes of Allan Bloom, the Beatles, Andrew Wyeth, Gloria Steinem, Liza Minnelli, people who talk about Speed the Plow, and people who sa "Bonfire" when they mean Bonfire of the Vanities-all of them on Spy lists of things that appall.
Thus abolition on the terms of the mainstream meritocrats provides for the palimpsestic inscription of a new coloniality-free Canada.
Besides, effort may be a virtue but even the meritocrats don't think it deserves rewards independent of results or achievement.
But the meritocrats were making great inroads, nowhere more than so than in politics.
Peter Simkins will be at the DLI on Saturday, June 30 with his talk The Meritocrats, Some Outstanding but Largely Forgotten British and Dominion Generals of the Great War.
It's all part of Whitby's touchy-feely revolution, which attempts to portray the Conservatives as classless meritocrats.
Meritocrats, incorrigible global opportunists, display neither gratitude to their forebears nor a sense of obligation to the common good.
Conant assumed that his meritocrats, not content to enjoy the benefits of their positions, would act like a moral elite as well, reforming a truculent society that wasn't as good as it ought to be.
Here one can draw a tentative distinction between ideological meritocrats and pragmatic egalitarians.
60) Small wonder also, that the communist practice of undermining labourism's meritocrats showed why the WPC could not be considered "of" the labour movement.
Tomalin characterizes them as classic meritocrats, and for the Austens as for the Watsons in the novel fragment of that name, "The Luck of one member of a Family is Luck to all.
The thesis of the book is that the British "psychologists who dominated educational thinking for much of this century were meritocrats rather than conservatives, and progressives rather than traditionalists.
This has been a cause of this magazine for more than forty years, one that other journalists and writers have been slow to share--the meritocrats seem to have treated Vietnam as a permanent excuse for not serving in the military.
From Hunter to Harvard to Goldman Sachs, the meritocrats proceed through life convinced that they owe their rise exclusively to their own efforts.