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NASDAQ: NTWK) has called a complaint filed against it in US District Court for the Central District of California meritless.
Recognizing that Lumen View Technology's infringement claim was meritless and decided to fight it under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and other state laws against the parties involved.
Even though a substantial majority of claims are dropped or decided in favor of physicians, the cost of defending against meritless claims averages over $22,000," their letter said.
Gonzales says legislatures can be effective in preventing meritless suits, though he believes a federal law will provide uniformity across the judicial system.
Carter are meritless and will vigorously defend itself and intends to pursue the obligations owed to Highland's investors," the Highland spokesperson said.
He added: "Now the economy has begun to stabilise, the Lehman estate are trying to retrade the deal on the basis of a meritless argument.
BY virtue of not being totally meritless, this week's must-see new release is boring romcom 27 Dresses.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 18's suit was always a meritless effort to intimidate the Daily News into not publishing information that the public clearly has the right to know.
A spokesman for LeBlanc said: "In a land of meritless lawsuits, this is the king of all cases without merit.
However, we stand prepared to proceed through trial to defeat this meritless litigation," stated Dr.
Edwards said he found the complaint meritless and insulting.
I have never represented a medical malpractice plaintiff whose claims I thought to be meritless, and I don't know anyone who has.
Are companies wising up about premises liability, or are more meritless claims being filed?
and the time-consuming process of addressing his numerous and, often meritless legal claims," Wright said.
com reported that several airlines that were named as defendants called the suit frivolous when reached individually and Ned Reynolds, spokesman for American Airlines, said that the airline is confident that it has acted appropriately in regards to the collection, remittance, and refunding of passenger taxes and fees, and that it considers the lawsuit meritless.