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the system of employing and promoting civil servants on the basis of ability

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In part, opposition has been galvanized by the defeat of three sitting justices in Iowa in 2010 and the sense that Florida's judicial merit system is vulnerable to political attack.
The merit system was defined as "an administrative device which can and should be adapted to changing circumstances" (1971: 282-83).
The culture of bribery is spreading, while the merit system has been completely ignored.
However, for seven of these conversions documentation indicates that agencies may not have adhered to merit system principles, followed proper procedures, or may have engaged in prohibited personnel practices or other improprieties.
Almost 16 months ago we birthed 'Project Victory,' an internal, classified initiative with the objective of creating an 'on label' merit system for finished goods in the classes of foods, beverages, chewing gum and dietary supplements.
The PCB has violated the merit system while contracting the players," the Nation quoted Latif, as saying.
On the other hand, APHSA strongly opposes a number of administrative changes in the bill, particularly a mandate in the House version that states must use merit system employees for nearly every aspect of the FSP application and certification process.
Beshear cruised to a 20-percentage-point victory in Kentucky after a campaign in which he repeatedly reminded voters of accusations that Fletcher directed the hiring of political allies for jobs protected by the state's merit system.
MPs are elected on some form of rough merit system - that is their appeal to the voters - but how are the Lords elected and what is their merit criteria?
McBeth's position as an honorary vice-president means he will be able to sit on the SFA's Council until the age of 75 and do what he can to push forward his idea of a merit system rather than protection by privilege.
Cecilia Munoz, vice president of the National Council of La Raza, blasted the merit system, saying it would undermine employers' ability to petition for workers as well as citizens and legal residents' abilities to petition for their closest family members.
There will be players given their chance, but the flame-haired boss, celebrating two league titles in as many years, will not desert the merit system for firstteam places that has served him so well.
The merit system identifies those rule relevant nodes that qualify to remain further in the HiNeFS construction process and eliminates the less qualified ones, hence reducing the size and complexity of the system.
Maehara also declared that he would run the party based solely on a merit system, meaning that he will appoint people not based on how many times they have been elected, but based on their abilities.
Good things like veterans' preference (yes, I am a vet), due process for all employees, standards and principles consistent with merit system principles, and worker appeals under the Merit Systems Protection Board are retained under NSPS.