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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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It is known that the meristems responsible for secondary growth in monocot plants differ from the cambia of the gymnospermous and dicotyledonous species.
Notably, there is not enough information about the generative meristem, basic anther structure and male gametophyte developmental stages of Lepidium sativum L.
By characterizing the activity of thousands of genes involved in the flowering process of tomato, Lippman and members of his laboratory revealed a "molecular clock" coordinating whether meristems give rise to branched or unbranched inflorescences.
Larvae bore their way into the young terminal meristem where they induce elliptical galls beginning to appear in early summer.
Oliveira (2007) reported the occurrence of two meristems in the developing pericarp of Manihot caerulescens and Manihot tripartita, being an adaxial (epidermal) meristem and other subadaxial (subepidermal) one.
Usually, preculturing with high concentration of sucrose is very important in improving survival of cryopreserved cells and meristems (Uragami et al.
To observe new leaf+shoot development in aspen over a 60-day period, the top meristems of both simulated browse treatments and unbrowsed controls were harvested in January 2006, and incubated in a growth chamber that simulated local springtime conditions.
Depending on species, metamers are set in place rhythmically--plants grow by successive shoots of several metamers--or continuously--when meristems keep on functioning and generate metamers one by one.
Unlike cereals where the shoot apex remains underground during vegetative growth, the lupin meristems are above ground after seedling emergence and vulnerable to physical damage.
Esau's plant anatomy; meristems, cells, and tissues of the plant body; their structure, function, and development, 3d ed.
Leaf explants formed callus on all media tested; meristems developed and the explant turned green by 21 days incubation.
The in vitro experiments on isolated root tip meristems allowed us to exclude the possibility of centralized regulation of cell structure changes being affected by the mutual exchange of metabolites between organs of the whole plant.