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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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The explant type should be chosen according to its ability to conform to in vitro conditions, and those with the highest proportion of meristematic tissue are preferred.
Explants directly originating somatic embryos have embryogenic route-predetermined cells, because their constitution presents meristematic parental cells.
Some proteins trigger cytoplasm changings, and influence the genetic expression of plant cells (Favery et al., 2016), activating the differentiation of meristematic cells into nutritive cells, or the redifferentiation of parenchymatic cells into new cell types (Goodey, 1948; Bird, 1961; Ferreira et al., 2017b).
Cryopreservation of Garcinia cowa shoot tips by vitrification: The effects of sucrose preculture and loading treatment on ultrastructural changes in meristematic cells.
Zinc activates tryptophan synthetase, which regulates the synthesis of tryptophan, involved in the biosynthesis of indoleacetic acid (IAA); hence, its main effect is on the meristematic areas involved in foliar expansion and shoot growth.
Chromosomal Alterations Index (CAI) was evaluated by counting chromosomal alterations (multipolar anaphases, chromosomal breaks, C-metaphase, adhesions, losses and chromosomal bridges) in the meristematic cells of the root.
Moreover, the location of the meristematic nodule formation differed by the exposition of explants to an enriched-cytokinins medium (Shrikhande et al., 1993; Parrott, 2002; Chaturvedi et al., 2003; Thomas and Chaturdevi, 2008).
Therefore, this study tested the cytogenotoxic potential of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine phosphate (DHAP) using the meristematic cells of Allium cepa.
This procedure succeeds in detaching the adhering bacteria without apparently damaging the meristematic RNA (Aller et al, 1978).
These structures can be directly induced from meristematic shoots (Subramanium & Taha, 2003), flower stalks (Chen & Chang, 2000), leaf segments (Sheelavanthmath, Murthy, Hema, Hahn, & Paek, 2005), or indirectly, with an intermediate callus stage (Tokuhara & Mii, 2003).
Wild ginseng cambial meristematic cells protect the liver against GalN-induced inflammation, and sesamin ameliorates D-GaIN/lipopolysaccharide-induced hepatic damage (45,46).
In tissue culture, cytokinins play an important role as they promote cell division and develop meristematic centers leading to the formation of organs, mainly shoots (Peeters et al., 1991).
Increasing doses of gamma irradiation was associated with significant (P [less than or equal to] 0.05) corresponding low seed germination probably due to the effect of mutagens on meristematic tissues of the seed as well as chromosomal aberrations and interruptions in DNA replications and growth regulators.
This suggests that new meristematic cells were initiated again in repetitive way (repetitive organogenesis) after subculturing, resulting in more proliferation and regenerated shoots.