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undifferentiated tissue from which new cells are formed, as at the tip of a stem or root

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MERISTEM is a day and residential program in Sacramento that helps young adults with autism and other developmental difficulties transition into independent living and employment.
In meristem culture, virus elimination success percentage is more oftenly is affected by size of the excised meristems, tested cultivar including virus and plant species (Loebenstein et al., 2001).
Apical dichotomous branching occurs when the apical meristem of the stem bifurcates, creating two apical meristems.
After root establishment, new hormonal controls take place, with requirement of lower concentrations of auxins for root meristem maintenance and cytokinins needed for root tissue differentiation (COSTA et al., 2013).
Based upon its antioxidant properties, a poly herbal formulation containing leaves of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, unripe and ripe fruit pulp of Aegle marmelos, and the terminal meristem of Musa paradisiaca flower in the ratio 6:2:1:1 (Poly Herbal Formulation 1) and 1:1:1:1 (Poly Herbal Formulation 2), respectively were formulated.
(7) This molecular-oriented strategy led to the identification of three peptide hormones, namely, C-terminally encoded peptide (CEP), involved in long-distance nitrogen demand signaling, (8) root meristem growth factor (RGF), regulating root meristem development,9) and Casparian strip integrity factor (CIF) required for contiguous Casparian strip formation.10) These critical peptide hormones had long been overlooked, probably due to their gene redundancy.
Cytokinins such as 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) and kinetin are usually used to reduce apical dominance and induce the meristem to form and stimulate sprouts in banana meristematic explants (Madhulatha et al., 2004).
hypopitys forms asymmetrical lateral organs on the flanks of a shoot or inflorescence apical meristem, with adaxial and abaxial surfaces adjacent to or distant from, respectively, the meristem.
It attacks cryptically the apical meristem of species of Meliaceae, as Cedrela, Swietenia and Carapa.
In turn, Orange and Grape juices of the companies B, C, D and E caused a significant reduction in cell division of the meristem tissue, in both exposure times considered, compared to the mitotic index observed for the respective controls.
Apical meristem (1-2 mm long) buds were excised from shoot tips and inoculated on fresh MS and Benzyl adenine for regeneration.
The micro-propagation can be initiated through the meristem culture that has been extensively used in agamic propagation, due to the multiplication rate and the genetic meristem cell stabilities (PASSOS et al., 1985).
Early research showed that GPGV could be eliminated by in vitro meristem tip culture and/or thermotherapy.
For viral infections a tissue culture technique known as meristem tip culture has been successfully used in cassava, potato, sweet potato, papaya and Livingstone potato for the exclusion of viruses [9].