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located in the south or characteristic of southern people or places

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This metric is based on a time and a wavenumber filter applied to conventional Hovmoller diagrams of the 250-hPa meridional wind.
H.I.G.-backed hospital group Grupo Meridional has announced the acquisition of Brazil-based private hospital Hospital Metropolitano, specializing in geriatric patients, the company said
15 November 2018 - Brazil-based hospital group Grupo Meridional has acquired Brazil-based private Hospital Metropolitano, specialising in geriatric patients, the company said
Rio Grande do Sul e o estado mais meridional do Brasil e esta localizado na regiao sul com area de 281.748,538 [km.sup.2], cujos limites dos eixos latitudinal e longitudinal sao representados pelas coordenadas geograficas 27[degrees]04'56"; 33[degrees]45'04" S e 49[degrees]41'28"; 57[degrees]38'36" W, respectivamente (IBGE, 2011).
In the model, the shift in the large-scale ocean circulation causing warming and deoxygenation in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence also corresponds with a decline in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, an ocean circulation pattern known to strongly influence Northern Hemisphere climate.
In 2016, UPMC expanded the applied area from 395 hectares to 580 hectares to conform to DENR-MGB's policy on meridional blocking.
A bias in most climate models exaggerates the stability of the pattern, called the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), relative to modern climate observations.
During the uniaxial deformation, an elliptical scattering emerges in SAXS patterns, where the long axis was on the meridional direction.
We present a unique case of open globe injury due to blunt ocular trauma from a thrown rock that resulted in a meridional rupture of the eye.
company, Parker International, and a Brazilian company, Meridional Meat.