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Synonyms for meridian

Synonyms for meridian

the highest level or degree attainable

a town in eastern Mississippi

an imaginary great circle on the surface of the earth passing through the north and south poles at right angles to the equator

being at the best stage of development


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The community at pan 1 was dominated by zooplankton and oligochaetes, while zooplankton (Lovenula falcifera, Metadiaptomus meridianus and Daphnia carinata) dominated at pans 2 and 9.
Oriens, meridianus, occidens et aquilo Plangant illos qui fuerunt tali pena mortui.
Saccostrea echinata No Apicomplexa Heart apicomplexan Pinctada maxima No Perkinsus olseni Barbatia helblingii No Isognomon isognomum No Malleus meridianus No Pinctada albina No Pinna deltoides No Saccostrea cucullata No Saccostrea glomerata No Septifer bilocularis No Spondylus sp.
Aun con esta limitacion, varias especies fueron constantes en las muestras de la fauna asociada a la vegetacion flotante, tales como Simosa serrulata Koch, Euryalona occidentalis Sars, Diaphanosoma brachyurum Fischer, Leydigia striata Biraben, Ceriodaphnia cornuta Sars, Pseudosida spp., Mesocyclops longisetus Thiebaud, Mesocyclops meridianus Kiefer, Mesocyclops anceps (Richar), Mesocyclops varicans Sars y Eucyclops sp.
Shrewd historian of ideas Aldous Huxley, cited in Lowry's "Those Coal to Newcastle Blues" (Lowry 1992, 44), makes precisely that point in his 1923 essay "Accidie." Proceeding with due circumspection, Huxley retraces to the onset of "romanticism" the "triumph of the daemon meridianus," "the progress" of a medieval "deadly sin" to the status of "a literary virtue, a spiritual mode," "an essentially lyrical emotion fruitful in the inspiration of much of the most characteristic modern literature" (1971, 21, 22).
(14) Et quasi meridianus fulgor consurget tibi ad verperurn et cura te consumptum putaveris orieris ut lucifer.
The nocturnal species of gerbils and jirds (Meriones meridianus and M.
Alactodipus bobrinski F Allactaga elator G/F Allactaga major O Allactaga severtzovi O Allocricetulus eversmani C Cricetulus migratorius O Dipus sagitta G/F Meriones libicus G/F Meriones meridianus G/F Meriones tamariscinus G/F Paradipus ctenodactylus F Pygeretmus platiurus F Pygeretmus pumilio F Spermophilopsis leptodactylus O Stylodipus telum G/F