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a carpel with one seed

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Experiments in Salvia mericarp floatation Percent (%) of floating after species n 6 hrs 24 hrs mucilaginous S.
Upon maturity, the ovary is a smooth, dry, four-lobed, schizocarpic fruit that fragments into four, single-seeded mericarps (nutlets).
The mericarps of Salvia are small but larger than dust seeds or spores, so they are small enough to be transported by wind but unlikely to achieve long-distance dispersal except by extreme winds.
Accrescent calyces may result in low-mass, high-drag structures that are readily dispersed by wind with the mericarps still enclosed.
19, 20): approximately four species endemic to tropical deciduous woods in Mexico from Sinaloa to Chiapas; shrubs and trees, wind-dispersed by bristly mericarps. Lasiocarpus is sister to the morphologically and ecologically similar genus Ptilochaeta of southern South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia); nothing resembling those two genera or closely related to them is found anywhere between them (Davis & Anderson, 2010).
albiflora (Cuatrec.) Cuatrec., a species of southern Central America and adjacent Colombia, is sister to the rest of the Mesoamerican species (Davis & Anderson, 2010), because its fruit, while fleshy as in most species, breaks apart into separate mericarps at maturity, as in Calcicola and Mascagnia.
The majority of the species in Mexico now have winddispersed mericarps (winged or bristly), or probably evolved from wing-fruited ancestors by loss of the wing in Mexico (Aspicarpa spp.).
Two Mexican species grow near water and have mericarps with reduced wings that are surely dispersed by water.
transvaalensis is 5-winged and asymmetrically schizocarpic, with three wings (one median and two marginal) on one mericarp and two marginal wings on the other (Fig.
acaulis has 4-winged fruits, with a pair of marginal wings on each mericarp. Fimbrial veins are present, but no veins occur over main part of wing.
peloponessiacum has asymmetrically schizocarpic 5-winged fruits, with three wings on one mericarp (one median and two lateral) and two lateral wings on the other (Liu et al., 2006).
lhasanum has 10-winged fruits with five wings per mericarp, each developed from a main rib (Fig.