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Synonyms for merging

the act of joining together as one

a flowing together

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flowing together


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Merging the Public Authority of Manpower Register with the Ministry of Manpower
Moreover, he stressed that the merging process will lay the foundation for the birth of competitive financial institutions that possess strong financial coverage.
The merging characteristics of triple jet is totally different from that of twin jet which exhibit a definite point of merging which can be located by the maximum velocity along the central axis.
This could be really embarrassing sometimes; well, you have solution with merging the duplicate entries from your Yahoo Mail account.
To investigate the heterogeneity in merging behaviors, this study proposes a new data mining tool, called two-step cluster analysis, combining cluster analysis to capture the heterogeneity in merging behaviors by dividing merging into some homogeneous components.
The drive was organized under the auspice of FATA Youth Jirga(FYJ) and large number of political workers, students, maliks and general masses expressed their willingness in favor of merging of FATA in KP by conducted their signs.
"The idea for merging these three parties into one political subject it a sensitive internal issue for which we will alone decide", stated Sejfulai.
The ultimate aim of the tool is to make way for joining and merging the NSF files.
A merger is a corporate transaction governed by state or federal law, depending on the institutions involved, generally in which a continuing credit union assumes all of the assets and liabilities of a merging credit union.
Keeping in mind all the political calculations, TRS felt this was better, because merging will not be beneficial for them in future.
On 17 February, the European Commission authorised a Danish guarantee scheme on liabilities for merging banks.
In a press meeting, the governor of the central bank, Nguyen Van Binh, said, 'The central bank has passed the policy on merging the three banks, and assigned the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, or BIDV, to take a comprehensive role in the merged bank.
This paper deals with one of such issue by considering the spacing between the two individual plane jets (Pitch) as a variable which affects the jet spreading, mixing and merging characteristics.