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formed or united into a whole

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Moreover, overnight fake votes were cast in the merged district elections, while political interfaces were also recorded in the PK-15 elections.
Ajmal Wazir said that Sehat cards were being converted to National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) of merged districts in a bid to facilitate the tribal people.
Mahmood Khan uttered that the process of Fata-KP merger had been completed and now the government is trying to streamline the merged districts alongside urban areas.
A resident of South Waziristan District Pir Hashim Khan also lauded the government for allocating funds especially for new jobs for the youth of merged districts.
Consumer Protection Court Malakand Jurisdiction has been extended to newly merged district Bajaur, Consumer Protection Court Kohat Jurisdiction has been extended to newly merged districts Kurram and Orakzai.
Dr Naeem declared the conference a milestone in the history of policing in the merged districts.
He also directed to take immediate steps to ensure maximum relief in provision of electricity to the people of merged areas during Ramzan.The prime minister urged the people representatives to further improve their contacts with the people of merged areas so that their participation in development projects could be ensured.
Similarly, the programme is providing support to improve nutrition, livelihood, education, disaster risk deduction, climate change risks, supply chain services and emergency preparedness in the newly merged districts of the province.
Talking to media on the occasion, Shaukat said the government had merged the erstwhile tribal areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but appropriate steps were not taken to bring these districts on a par with other areas of the province.
Five credit unions were consolidated because of poor financial condition, while two credit unions were merged because of lack of growth and one for lack of members, and two were approved to merge because they were unable to find a new CEO, or as the NCUA calls it, the inability to obtain officials.
EFSA requires, in practice, merging insurance companies to strictly comply with an assignment mechanism under the Insurance Law in respect of the portfolios of the merged company, which entails severe capital gains exposure for the two entities contemplating the merger.
The Commission found the scheme to be in line with EU state aid rules, in particular because the measure targets a genuine market failure, is not discriminatory and requires the merged entity to be viable.
The Figures 6 & 7 illustrates the self similarity of the merged twin jets after (x/d) values of 20 for (x/d) values 20 to 100 for 10by10P4TJ(1) and 10by10P6TJ(1).
The merged company, to be Named Dialogic, is expected to be led by Nick Jensen (currently CEO and chairman of Dialogic) as chairman and chief executive officer and Doug Sabella, who is currently president and CEO of Veraz, as president and COO.