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formed or united into a whole

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And so all desires were merged in one--the desire to be rid of all his sufferings and their source, the body.
New York, merged with and into Radian Asset Assurance Inc.
For instance, one firm's defined benefit plan may have surplus assets which, when merged into another firm's defined benefit plan that is underfunded, may result in a win-win situation.
Focused on increasing sales for its publisher customers, the merged company, to be named Infocon America Corp.
A publicly traded company with clear strategic objectives simply doesn't have time to handhold staffs of smaller merged organizations through the process.
Hedrick said Lutheran Hospital, which had previously merged with Moline Public Hospital, was able to successfully combine with the Catholics at Franciscan Medical Center because they agreed on a common mission: to provide nonprofit health care to the entire community, including the poor.
17) This language has been cited by many taxpayers and some courts in arguing that the merged corporation's NOLs as well as its "personality" passed to the surviving corporation in a merger.
9 million 2007 series B (Casa Blanca and Downtown/Airport Merged Redevelopment Projects) (taxable).
AultCare HMO, Canton, Ohio, merged into McKinley Life Insurance Co.
A red flag for regulators appears if a newly merged company will dominate a market.
There appears to be little, if any, authority directly addressing the issue of who can sign an income tax return of a corporation that has been merged out of existence for the tax year resulting from the merger (or any other unfiled returns).
The Board of Trustees have approved in principle plans to merge five tax-exempt closed-end Funds as follows: Putnam Investment Grade Municipal Trust (NYSE: PGM) and Putnam Municipal Bond Fund (NYSE: PMG) would be merged into Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust (NYSE: PMO), and Putnam High Yield Municipal Trust (NYSE: PYM) would be merged into Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust (NYSE: PMM).
was merged into Universal Guaranty Life Insurance Co.
If Y merged into X, the continuity-of-business-enterprise requirement would probably not be satisfied, due to Y's inactivity Alternatively, if B dropped the Y stock to X, so that Y became a wholly owned subsidiary of X (a Sec.
NISCO currently has 6,983,000 common shares outstanding and pursuant to the merger each NISCO share would be exchanged for one-sixth of a share of common stock of the merged company.