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in a meretricious manner


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We cannot dismiss a playwright as meretriciously violent if he wins so many prestigious awards.
It is, however, extremely amusing and clever--though here I must add that I use the word "clever" at least partially in its English sense, that is to say meretriciously and ostentatiously intelligent rather than deeply so; it is more a search for applause than truth.
More radiant than precious stones." The Catholic Information Network notice ( offers a judicious compromise: "His style is lofty and noble, beautified with rhetorical ornaments and figures, but somewhat studied; and the length of his periods makes him sometimes obscure to the unlearned." Hilary himself (Trinity 4:25, 8:1) demanded that bishops be eloquent, not meretriciously but to assist audiences' understanding.
In these lines, however, he asks whether such a resolution only meretriciously addresses our sense of peripheralness after all--whether it might not be a mere sleight of hand premised on the punning equation of one kind of "middle of things" with a very different one.
It killed hundreds of innocent Serb civilians--in our name, of course--while being too cowardly to risk a single NATO life in defense of the poor and the weak for whom it meretriciously claimed to be fighting.
It's interesting to note how Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore's trips to record wartime London look meretriciously stylish alongside Philip Guston's 1937-38 Bombardment, or the subtly elliptical politics of Joan Miro or Antoni Tapies.