mercy killing

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the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)

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Six similar petitions have been filed before the President where harassed men and their families have sought mercy killing. MAIL TODAY spoke to more such families.
"Sabi niya, iconsider 'yung mercy killing kasi nahihirapan na raw talaga siya," his brother said during the interview.
IT SADDENS me the way Adrian Goldberg (Mail, January 28) and others in the media seek to create confusion on the subject of mercy killings, thus denying any real objective debate on the issue of assisted suicide.
"Irreconcilable Differences: The Battle for the Heart and Soul of America's Animal Shelters" discusses the 'mercy killing' of stray animals and the mission of animal shelters to save and protect these animals.
For further information about murder-suicide and so-called 'mercy killing', contact the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Box 2503, London, Ontario, N6C 6A8; 'phone: 519-439-3348; e-mail: (J.B.
Maureen Messent, who wrote about the "mercy killing" in a front page article in the Birmingham Mail, had been due to appear before magistrates in the city today.
The drama, which began as a radio play when the Robert Latimer case was front-page news, closely parallels the circumstances of that case: The Saskatchewan farmer is nearing the end of his 10-year sentence for the mercy killing of his severely disabled daughter.
Whether natural selection, mercy killing, or suicide, intimations of death have gotten artists through many a hard night.
However, his lawyer Harald Ermel has argued that the death was 'homicide on demand' - a form of mercy killing - because the victim had given his consent to be killed and eaten.
Police on Thursday sent to prosecutors papers on a doctor on suspicion of murder over the death of a terminally ill cancer patient in 1995, highlighting the investigators' dilemma in dealing with the criminal liability of doctors for actions that might constitute mercy killing.
Everyone spits tangy rejoinders like Preston Sturges characters, but the air of harmless eccentricity has been replaced by a haze of mental breakdown, mercy killing, discreet drug abuse, discreet anti-Semitism, and not-so-discreet homophobia.
HealthScoutNews reporter Jennifer Thomas titled her story "The Manly Art of Mercy Killing." She quotes lead author Prof.
Euthanasia, or mercy killing, is highly controversial issue, but it's one that will crop up more frequently as our population ages.
Groups associated with the disabled community were outraged that the father was not convicted of first degree murder while other Canadians were sympathetic to arguments about mercy killing where quality of life and an absence of suffering were impossible to achieve.
Secular humanists should lead in advocating that a truly humane euthanasia policy encompass omission and commission--not just benign neglect, but purposeful mercy killing as well.