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Synonyms for mercy


at the mercy of something or someone: defenceless against


  • defenceless against
  • subject to
  • open to
  • exposed to
  • vulnerable to
  • threatened by
  • susceptible to
  • prey to
  • an easy target for
  • naked before
  • unprotected against

at the mercy of something or someone: in the power of


  • in the power of
  • under the control of
  • in the clutches of
  • under the heel of

Synonyms for mercy

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for mercy

leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice

a disposition to be kind and forgiving

the feeling that motivates compassion

something for which to be thankful

Related Words

alleviation of distress

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PROFITABILITY REBOUNDS: The rating affirmation reflects Mercy Health' significantly improved operating profitability with operating EBITDA margin increasing to 11.
Santos pointed out that Filipinos are now tasked to be the new missionaries and messengers of God's mercy to humanity, spreading it through good works and corporal acts of mercy.
The personal experience of mercy is the best way to make it a true message of consolation and conversion in the pastoral ministry.
Aquinas's theological account of mercy is complex, nuanced, and multifaceted, drawing upon and developing Aristotelian, biblical, and patristic sources.
Tagle has plans to hold a Year of Mercy concert on December 12 at Meralco Theater to raise medical funds for the sick and elderly under his archdiocese.
Mercy is the seventh largest Catholic health care system in the U.
Madonna has kept her pledge - but has not taken Mercy to see relatives.
The Minneapolis-based bank said it has a long history of helping Mercy support communities by providing program-enriched affordable housing for those in need.
Although a federally mandated electronic conversion of patient health records was instituted in 2009, Mercy was ahead of the curve, beginning the transition in 2005 with a $450 million investment.
Dorothy devoted her life to education, serving in Mercy elementary schools, including the former St.
We are proud to partner with Mercy Health System to help them fulfill their mission of providing quality, compassionate health care to the communities they serve.
The initial agreement was that Mercy was to be kept in the orphanage for six years.
LITTLE Mercy James spent 12 hours flying 6,000 miles to start her new life with adoptive mum Madonna yesterday.
1 : kind and forgiving treatment of someone (as a wrongdoer or an opponent) <The prisoners were shown mercy.
Carlton Fields presented a $5,000 donation to Angels of Mercy, a branch of the Mercy Hospital Foundation in Miami.