mercury poisoning

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a toxic condition caused by ingesting or inhaling mercury

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The highly toxic chemical affected fish and shellfish in the bay that were then eaten by humans, who contracted mercury poisoning, which came to be known as Minamata disease.
'Adults with mercury poisoning may develop muscle weakness, tremors, impaired speech, difficulty walking, headaches, insomnia, irritability and skin rashes,' he said, adding that people with severe exposure to mercury, the effects can escalate to kidney disease, respiratory failure and even death.
The biggest concern with eating a lot of fish is mercury poisoning. Mercury is a naturally occurring substance and is not problematic in small amounts.
The common symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning are irritability, tremor, and gingivitis, while the onset of pain is rare.
The word has become familiar to Filipinos who, just two months ago, woke up to news that residents of two barangays in Palawan have been stricken with mercury poisoning, no thanks to an abandoned mercury mining site, the now defunct Palawan Quicksilver Mines Inc.
Tuna fish is cheap, healthy, and dare I say, delicious, but tuna consumption in the United States(  has dropped dramatically in the past few decades due to fears of mercury poisoning. Still, there are many health benefits of this fish, so it's best not to cut it out of your diet completely.
A case of day care center--associated mercury exposure was defined as a blood or urine mercury level [greater than or equal to] 10 [micro]g/L in a person exposed at the day care center and a diagnosis of mercury poisoning by a medical professional.
The second part of the text tackles bioarchaeological reconstruction and offers specific research about bone loss, mercury poisoning, dental health, and more.
While there has been increasing suspicion of mercury poisoning, this new research confirms for the first time that Grassy Narrows residents are eating are the most mercury-contaminated in Ontario.
Japanese experts on Minamata disease, a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning, have been working with the communities since the 1970s.
From the Renaissance until the early 20th century, mercury was used as a popular medicine for syphilis, although patients often died from liver and kidney damage caused by mercury poisoning.
Mercury poisoning can damage the brain, kidneys, lungs and nervous system.
"More than 1,000 former workers are alleged to have been affected by mercury poisoning, which can cause skin problems, sensory impairment and a lack of coordination," reports Maseeh Rahman for the Guardian.
This is when chronic mercury exposure by inhalation, even at concentrations as low as 0.7-- 42 E1/4g/ m3, is enough to kill by mercury poisoning.
That would imply that autism is a form of mercury poisoning.