mercury barometer

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barometer that shows pressure by the height of a column of mercury

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For instrument systems that vary with pressure, record barometric pressure readings from the point-of-care instrument and from a mercury barometer installed in the same room.
The first instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure was the mercury barometer, invented in 1643 by Italian physicist and mathematician Evangelista Torricelli.
Which famous military tattoo was dropped ANSWERS: 1 Bantam; 2 A bird; 3 Ernie Wise; 4 Comecon; 5 The French national theatre; 6 A mercury barometer; 7 His wife, Catherine Zeta Jones; 8 The Royal Tournament; 9 Angling; 10 Deep-six.
ANSWERS: 1 Kinshasa; 2 Sheepdog; 3 The purser; 4 Mercury barometer; 5 England and Scotland; 6 The Avon; 7 Mickey Mouse; 8 Charlie And The Chocolate Factory; 9 The giraffe; 10 Charles Dickens.
The unusual balloonist's mercury barometer pictured was made by the renowned maker Henry Negretti who worked from 19 Leather Lane, Holborn, London in around 1845.
Another type of mercury barometer is the angle or signpost barometer, these are extremely desirable today.
Among its many applications, mercury is used in gold and silver mining, in mercury barometers, in some types of thermometers, in electrical and electronic applications, in fluorescent lamps and in dental amalgam fillings.