mercurous chloride

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a tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic

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Consumers should avoid unlabeled products or those listing "mercury," "mercurio," or "calomel" (mercurous chloride) as ingredients.
The various chemical forms of mercury can be divided into three primary categories: 1) metallic mercury (also called liquid or elemental mercury); 2) inorganic mercury, including common compounds formed from the monovalent and divalent cations (e.g., mercurous chloride, mercuric chloride, mercuric acetate, and mercuric sulfide); and 3) alkyl, dialkyl, and aryl organic mercury compounds (e.g., methylmercuric chloride, dimethyl mercury, and phenylmercuric acetate, respectively) (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry [ATSDR], 1999; Clarkson, 2002).
Studies on heavy metal halides showed that mercurous chloride single crystals could be grown of a size and perfection suitable for prism polarizers with transmission to at least 16 [mu]m (53).
Although this is a book of larger ideas and reverberating themes, it is also a delight in its thousand details - the supplies of ships (plum puddings, brandy, heaps of hand-knitted socks, hundreds of pounds of pemmican, knives and needles to barter with the Esquimaux), the hospitality of the Esquimaux women, who reach out with tattooed hands to offer musk-ox horn tea and boiled caribou, the medical treatments for maladies of the day (tartar emetic, mercurous chloride, syrup of squill, tincture of opium).
The cream, marketed as "Crema de Belleza-Manning" for skin cleansing and prevention of acne, listed "calomel" (mercurous chloride [Hg2CI2]) as an ingredient and contained 6% to 10% mercury by weight (1).