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of or containing mercury

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Approximately 50 mg of air-dried pulp with known moisture content was placed in a 20 mL vial containing 10 mL of the hydrolysis solution (0.6% of mercuric chloride and 0.7% of sodium acetate).
In vitro effect of mercuric chloride on ATPase activity in kidney of the fancy carp, Cyprinus carpio.
(4) Mercuric sulfide can diffuse into bacterial cells.
Once inhaled, elemental mercury vapor is rapidly accumulated into erythrocytes and undergoes oxidation to the mercuric ion ([Hg.sup.2+]) by catalase.
Without doubt, mercuric chloride had an immediate effect.
Studies on the cytogenetic effects of some mercuric fungicides.
Contributors to the final focus area, Chris Davison, Lia Tedesco, and Antonio Mercuric, provided insights into future possibilities and directions for languages education.
The seeds were washed with running tap water for 1-2 min and surface sterilized, initially in 70 % ethanol followed by 0.1 % (w/v) mercuric chloride for 5 min and thoroughly rinsed 3-4 times in sterile distilled water to remove the traces of mercuric chloride and soaked in double distilled water for 4-6 hours.
There are various theories as to the origin of this mythical and magical substance, including that it might be cinnabar, a mercuric sulphide that produced the red pigment vermillion, or that it's simply any mercury made in Russia during the Cold War era when "red" was used as a euphemism for communism.
Mercury also exists as a cation with an oxidation state of +1 (mercurous) or 2+ (mercuric).
H is for hearing aids: Some older-style units contain highly toxic mercuric oxide.
Insolubilization requires that mercury be made into a solid, stable mercury compound, mercuric sulfide.
The latter can be detected by the so-called Marsh test in which arsine is thermally decomposed, forming a black arsenic mirror inside a narrow tube, or by the Gutzeit method in which a test paper impregnated with mercuric chloride darkens when exposed to arsine because of the formation of free mercury.
Jessica Harrington, trainer of Gazza's Girl and Mercuric