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There were few trees, or none, those that would have grown in the hedges being mercilessly plashed down with the quickset by the tenant-farmers, the natural enemies of tree, bush, and brake.
As he spoke he fearlessly patted the head he had so mercilessly pounded, and though Buck's hair involuntarily bristled at touch of the hand, he endured it without protest.
Tarr and Professor Fether"; such bits of extravaganza as "The Devil in the Belfry" and "The Angel of the Odd"; such tales of adventure as "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym"; such papers of keen criticism and review as won for Poe the enthusiastic admiration of Charles Dickens, although they made him many enemies among the over-puffed minor American writers so mercilessly exposed by him; such poems of beauty and melody as "The Bells," "The Haunted Palace," "Tamerlane," "The City in the Sea" and "The Raven." What delight for the jaded senses of the reader is this enchanted domain of wonder-pieces!
It crashed upon my skull as I still struggled vainly; again and again it came down mercilessly in the same place; until I felt as though a sponge of warm water had been squeezed over my head, and saw a hundred withered masks grinning sudden exultation into mine; but still the lean arm whirled, and the splinters flew, till I was blind with my blood and the seven senses were beaten out of me.
"David," said I mercilessly, "did you ever see your mother blush?"
With a volley of oaths he leaped at the helpless captive, beating him upon the face with his clenched fists and kicking him mercilessly about the legs.
He scrutinized her mercilessly in the cold morning light.
He had played an exciting hand and won, beating the steamship companies down into the dust and mercilessly robbing the stockholders by perfectly legal methods before he let go.
The charmed silence had lasted but a little while, when it was mercilessly broken by a knock at the door.
the woman who had so obstinately and mercilessly opposed herself to our marriage!
"No, I don't know as I ever did," said Marilla mercilessly, "and I shouldn't think it likely to happen in your case either."
She watched him mercilessly. He was colouring like a boy.
LARKANA -- A cop allegedly killed his young son by mercilessly beating him in Resham Gali area in the limits of Market police station in the wee hours of Thursday.
Summary: Shajapur (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Aug 18 (ANI): Police have arrested three persons accused of beating a man mercilessly over charges of theft and attempting to meet some women in the Dodiya Khadi village here, police said on Sunday.
SUKKUR -- Two sons mercilessly beat their elderly mother with sticks and anvils and caused her serious injuries reportedly at the instigation of their wives in Hayat Khoso village near Tangwani in Kandhkot-Kashmore district on Sunday.