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a drug (trade name Purinethol) that interferes with the metabolism of purine and is used to treat acute lymphocytic leukemia

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Molecular diagnosis of thiopurine Smethyltransferase deficiency: genetic basis for azathioprine and mercaptopurine intolerance.
As expected, a mercaptopurine treatment of infected rats either untreated or treated with Cy significantly inhibited [alpha]2M synthesis, showing a maximal [alpha]2M level of 182 [micro]g/ ml (Cy untreated) and 231 [micro]g/ml (Cy treated), on the second and the fourth day post-infection, respectively (Fig.
Thiopurine methyltransferase (TPMT) is a cytosolic enzyme that catalyzes the S-methylation of aromatic and heterocyclic sulfhydryl compounds, including mercaptopurine (MP), thioguanine (TG), and azathioprine (AZA) (1).
In addition to the anabolic pathway, 6-MP is catabolized to 6-thiouric acid by xanthine oxidase and to 6-methyl mercaptopurine (6-MMP) by thiopurine S-methyltransferase (TPMT) (8).
It has introduced mercaptopurine tablets USP, 50 mg.
Thiopurine drugs including azathioprine, mercaptopurine and thioguanine suppress the immune system and are used in a range of diseases such as lymphoma and leukemia, psoriasis, severe eczema and inflammatory bowel disease.
16 August 2011 - US specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostics company Prometheus Laboratories Inc and US-based Medco Research Institute LLC said yesterday that they have entered into a collaboration to evaluate the use of Prometheus' Thiopurine Metabolite (PTM) testing for optimising dosing of six mercaptopurine (6MP) or azathioprine (Aza) in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Preponderance of thiopurine Smethyltransferase deficiency and heterozygosity among patients intolerant to mercaptopurine or azathioprine.
Use with caution with azathioprine, mercaptopurine, and warfarin: Coadministration can heighten anticoagulation level.
De novo purine synthesis inhibition and antileukemic effects of mercaptopurine alone or in combination with methotrexate in vivo.
TPMT is an enzyme known to be involved specifically in the metabolism of mercaptopurine, which is commonly used for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and the immunosuppressant azathioprine (Imuran).
The spectrum of thiopurine metabolites that can be measured by our assay methodology (thioguanine, 8-hydroxymercaptopurine, mercaptopurine, 8hydroxythioguanine, thioxanthine, and thiouric acid plus methylthioguanine and the methyhnercaptopurine metabolites) are safe from oxidation and stable for several days when back-extracted or reconstituted in 0.1 mol/L HCl.
Vinblastine plus etoposide, prednisone, and mercaptopurine is more effective than monotherapy.