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The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum is among the finest buildings in the city's Old Town and is the city's oldest mercantile establishment. It is possibly the most important repository of its kind in the country.
Number 229 was constructed in 1801 as a mercantile establishment. By 1993, the buildings had become derelict shells and were declared unsafe by the Department of Buildings.
For McGillivray, the transformation was spatial and cultural as well as professional, from a trading post in the Creek Nation at Little Tallassee to the Augusta mercantile establishment and then to plantations near Savannah and a seat on the governor's council each step further from the Creeks and his Indian family and closer to the world of his Scottish kin.
The first mercantile establishment was opened by Oliver Boutwell the year the railroad was completed.
A.9504 PHEFFER Enacts the "radio frequency identification right to know act", requiring retail mercantile establishments to disclose the use of RFID devices and gathered personal information; requires the labeling of retail products or packages containing a radio frequency identification tag; sets standards for labels and for posting notices; requires point of sale removal of RFID tags; restricts aggregation and disclosure of personal information; provides for enforcement by the attorney general: injunctions and civil penalties.
In the early eighties the idea was conceived for factory-finished strips of wood for display windows of department stores and other mercantile establishments, and also in cabinet work and for decorative effects.
Derived from the Fourth Commandment to keep the Sabbath holy, blue laws generally proscribed by law that which was thought to be providentially ordered, namely that Sunday was to be observed by not operating mercantile establishments or other businesses.