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an organization that provides businesses with credit ratings of other firms

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It was founded as two different firms--New York's Mercantile Agency in 1841 and Cincinnati's Bradstreet Company in 1849--that merged in 1933.
An examination of London's assessment rolls, city directories, and mercantile agency reports indicate that merchants in and around the market square survived longer, had greater access to credit, were more likely to be involved in large-item manufacturing endeavours, and possessed a higher assessed value than businesses located away from the market, even if only on the opposite side of the block.
(36) The Mercantile Agency Credit Reports illustrated a pattern of business longevity and greater minimum pecuniary strength for businesses located within one block of the market over others in the rest of the city.
For example, of the 12 stove, tin, and hardware stores that appeared in the mercantile agency reports in 1880 and operated within one block of the market, ten remained in business five years later.
With Paper & Allied Trades Mercantile Agency, Inc.