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showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

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One of many caustic witticisms offered by the Mephistophelian Lord Henry in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray suggests, "We live in an age that reads too much to be wise ..." (2) One wonders how he would have expressed that sentiment today.
Of course Ahmadinejad is a pompous demagogue with a Mephistophelian urge to foment trouble while accepting no responsibility for his hateful words.
Here we have Arthur Dimmesdale as Faust figure and Roger Chillingworth as his mephistophelian counterpart.
A freak of light has thrown a reflection of the Satanic form, slightly above, and immediately behind the preacher, so that, in the picture, the grinning Devil overshadowed the Mephistophelian preacher, and was made to appear to be actually prompting, energising him" (Scarlet, 205).
Such versatility on the small screen led to more diverse roles in movies, including a showy, mephistophelian turn in assassination thriller Daisy (Andrew Lau, 2006).
Yangsheng seeks sexual tutelage from the Mephistophelian Prince of Ning (Tony Ho, chewing the scenery), who savors the pleasures of female flesh in his cliff-top Pavilion of Ultimate Bliss.
Mandelbrod has Mephistophelian traits: the limping of the devil is increased to an existence in a multifunctional wheel chair and the smell of brimstone transformed to a lack of control of his bowels.
Evelyn Waugh, perhaps heeding this example, documents the demise of Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited, not that of his grotesque, Mephistophelian dandyish outrider, Anthony Blanche.
(48) Seller's duty cases often imply that offering a safety device as optional, rather than standard, equipment is driven by a Mephistophelian desire to keep production costs as low as possible, irrespective of the effect that decision has on product safety.
They are addressed to the immortal in Man, to the best in each human being; and given this favourable disposition, the abilities to cope with them can be cultivated through education and through life itself provided we are quick to learn from the old Mephistophelian devil Weber referred to in his two famous lectures.
He was ably supported by Swift (33) and Seri (29) in getting 'Burton up to 151 all out, but nobody else even approached double figures, as Josh Brook steamed down the hill like a Mephistophelian minotaur to clinch a career best 5-25 in his bestial 10-over spell.
If we can take it in its transience, its breath, its maybe Mephistophelian, maybe palely Ophelian face, the look it gives, the gesture of its full bloom, and the way it turns upon us to depart ..." we will have been faithful to it, and not simply to our own projected egos.
With his eyebrows arched to a Mephistophelian point, the 75-year-old choreographer still shows remarkable vitality.
He was happy to tell me about his life's work, which began on a sunny afternoon at the University of Georgia forestry school when he was introduced, in classic Mephistophelian fashion, to a Mr.
William Finley is the Phantom; Paul Williams, who played the Mephistophelian record company weasel, was nominated for an Oscar for best song score.