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showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

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Marlowe's play and its Mephistophelean successors are characterized by a similar anxiety about determining Satan's limitations.
Koper produces a dark tone that is cultivated and Mephistophelean." (4)
Ida turns from a helpless heroine into a sinister witch-figure, mediated by the Mephistophelean sorcerer--an externalized figure of her unconscious desire for revenge.
Then Musharraf's ego to perpetuate his rule was Mephistophelean in nature.
He favored me with a benign if Mephistophelean leer: "Of the making of books there is no end, and much weariness of the spirit." He went to his grave with only a faint idea of how much wearier it would get.
(Later in the film, two large swastikas, like those worked into the architecture of one scene in Full Metal Jacket [1987] and common in Native American designs, are faintly visible in the wall treatment at the back of The Gold Room when Jack is about to make his deal with the Overlook's Mephistophelean bartender.) That it turns out that Jack has been typing the same sentence over and over, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," makes clear his Kafkaesque role as bureaucrat doing by (w)rote the murderous will of the hotel's masters.
Most of these playful turns of phrase bring to our attention the importance of Mephistophelean images in western civilization, like when The Devil finds it "a high compliment" that people "use my name to secure additional emphasis" after The Statue had apologized for saying "Why the devil ..." (16).
Zarqawi, until his death in 2006, turned his violence towards Iraq's Shia majority, attempting to kill as many civilians as possible in order to spark a bitter civil war that would, in this Mephistophelean scheme, radicalise his fellow Sunnis.
(263) The lack of attention to realist detail for which Henry James would fault Hawthorne a few decades later stands in sharp contrast to the writer of this review, who finds Hawthorne too much of a dark realist, indeed, a Mephistophelean one.
While reused passages from the manuscript expressly comment on Amy and Laurie, as intertext to Little Women, the unpublished novel also embeds the sensationalist writer and therefore extratextually coordinates with the motif of Jo's Mephistophelean underworld in Little Women.
A Mephistophelean character out of Carolina [sic], he hammered away at some harplike instrument and sang in a bone chilling soprano voice.
In this case, the object of desire is Ivan "devil-in-my-ear" Strasburg, the handsome, Mephistophelean South African who goads Spalding toward risk.
He has a low brow, savage jaw, beady eyes flashing with hatred; long, greasy hair falls over his face, above a meager beard, thin and black with a sharp point that gives him a Mephistophelean appearance." (14) He was evil, and visibly so.
GameStation pulled off the Mephistophelean feat by adding a clause to its online privacy policy and conditions for using the GameStation website that said, unless the user opts out, the company takes possession of the user's "Immortal Soul." The company was making the point that few people read those conditions before accepting them.
This 'elixir' (206) is fittingly offered up in a traditional Faustian seduction scene by a Mephistophelean and decadent artist, Gessonex, as both an agent of virility and an escape from the inherent falseness of women.