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a drug (trade name Atabrine) used to treat certain worm infestations and once used to treat malaria

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Concurrent administration of Q with other drugs (such as didanosine, hydroxyurea, mepacrine among others), has been shown to either potentiate or attenuate the effects of the drugs [8, 9, 10].
This was circled by five sleeping places also hollowed out of the belukar; a slime-floored burrow to the latrine, "a stinking, waterlogged hole;" a "larder" of split bamboo holding half-a-dozen four-gallon tins, four large glass jars and several plastic boxes, all containing food; a kitchen with a "one-ring oil burner, bottles of kerosene, one small saucepan, one or two enamel mugs and a dozen chop sticks;" "a sealed jar containing aspirin, iodine, mepacrine tablets and bandages;" oilcloth sheets for protection against the rain; and "a tin full of documents" aimed at filling their readers with revolutionary zeal.
The principal anti-malarial medication for World War II was Mepacrine (known among American forces as Atabrine).
Decreased adenosine triphosphate release by lumiaggregometry and decreased mepacrine uptake or release by flow cytometry are observed.
The three laboratory technicians were mixing a "hazardous" substance called mepacrine hydrochloride, says the Health and Safety Executive, which is bringing the prosecution.
Hydroxychloroquine and mepacrine are most commonly used.