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Synonyms for menu

Synonyms for menu

a list of dishes available at a restaurant

the dishes making up a meal

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(computer science) a list of options available to a computer user

an agenda of things to do


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ARAMARK Research Finds 60 Percent of Students Want Healthy Options; New Menu Icons will Help Students Identify Good Food Choices
By simply choosing the 'News and Weather' menu icon on Vodafone live
Experienced web authors who want to edit HTML source files or insert HTML commands may easily do so through the HTML viewer/editor, accessed through a simple menu icon.
Each of the plug-in effects and menus can be previewed in the Studio 9 "edit" screen by clicking on the transitions icon, menu icon or by opening the toolbox and selecting the plug-in icon via pull-down menus.
A "30% Fat" menu icon that identifies food choices containing up to 30% of calories from fat.
Millennium & Copthorne has created a new set of menu icons which includes a blue circle, based on the international symbol for diabetes, which indicates that a dish is suitable for those with diabetes.
A system installed in the instrument panel senses the driver's line of sight shifting toward menu icons, and operates switches accordingly, allowing the driver hands-free operation of audio, AC and other systems.
The device features a remote control; 10-bit digital to analog video converter (DAC) for superior picture quality; on-screen menu icons for easy set-up; closed caption support; multi-language audio and subtitle capability; dual aspect ratio (normal/wide screen); and multi-language audio and subtitle capability (English, German, Spanish, and French).
The claret and blue model features the Villa badge and boasts soccer graphics and menu icons.