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Synonyms for mentum

a projection like a chin formed by the sepals and base of the column in some orchids

the protruding part of the lower jaw

a projection below the mouth of certain mollusks that resembles a chin

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It differs from all the other Paxillus species by the superior-median border of mentum with a very strong protruding.
1, 2) habitus, dorsal and ventral view; 3) mentum; 4) prosternal process and metasternum; 5) head in dorsal view; 6-8) aedeagus in dorsal, ventral and lateral view.
Mentum usually narrower, with at most 3 median teeth.
Mentum with a single broad median tooth, ventromental plates slender, scarcely separated medially.
Upon completion of the deal, Mentum would hold 100% of Robust's assets in Kyrgyzstan and would change its name to Tengri Resources.
Mentum said it expects holders of a combined 33.17% stake in it to pledge support to the move.
The assets to be purchased, which are located within the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, are seen to generate robust investment returns and become substantial copper and gold operations, going forward, Mentum's chairman Peter Moss said.
28 November 2012 - French software provider InfoVista SA (EPA:IFV) said today it had bought Mentum SA, a French network planning, implementation and optimisation software firm.
The companies said that the accurate RF engineering data within Mentum Planet will provide realistic inputs for the TEA technical models.
Mentum will sell LME, its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Mentum Investments Limited and Mentum Partners Limited, and related assets and liabilities to Corvus Capital Ltd for GBP1 (USD1.57m/EUR1.17m).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-9 October 2008-TELUS to purchase Mentum Planet radio frequency planning software(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
UK metal and energy brokerage and commodity trader Mentum Inc (LON:MEN) said today it was planning to dispose of its London Metal Exchange (LME) trading activities, in order to focus on an alternative investment plan.
Mentum, a provider of planning and optimisation tools for access and backhaul wireless networks, and iBwave Solutions, Inc, an in-building wireless software company, announced on Thursday (8 November) a partnership that will enable Mentum's global sales team to distribute iBwave's RF-vu for in-building wireless network design.
Mentum, a provider of planning and optimisation tools for access and backhaul wireless networks, announced on Wednesday (22 August) the general availability of Mentum Planet 4.3, the latest release in its Planet product line.
CTS International, a provider of microwave transmission network planning tools, has launched its new corporate identity, Mentum.