mentally ill

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Synonyms for mentally ill

Synonyms for mentally ill

suffering from severe mental illness

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b) through internships in services for the mentally ill (individual internship in services Fokus MladEi Boleslav in the region of residence interns internship in model group services in the capital city of Prague, group placement services for the mentally ill in the Netherlands and Finland).
Criminal justice reform advocates say the numbers show that the state's approach to incarcerating the mentally ill is not working.
A result of this hard work and time commitment is the availability of solid clinical tools that enhance the reentry of mentally ill offenders back into their communities.
One of his goals from the start "was to correct some of the misconceptions many people have about the mentally ill," he said.
Populations of the mentally ill have always included large numbers of smokers.
Whether it be from premature discharge, or cuts in the care of the elderly mentally infirm, it is a stark fact that the death rate of the mentally ill is increasing.
A few studies have shown that negative feelings against the mentally ill are prevalent in Nigerian communities.
This resulted in many of the mentally ill living homelessly, often self-medicating with illicit drugs, and experiencing a revolving door from prison to street.
Gary Williams, who recently retired as Health and Human Services supervisor with the health department, was recognized for his more than 40 years of work with the mentally ill and homeless.
When police announce news of a person who has stabbed a close relative - such as a grandparent harming a grandchild or an offspring harming a parent - then one first assumes that the person in question is mentally ill.
Dorothea Dix, a teacher and social reformer traveled across the country in 1841 for two years, identifying the inhumane conditions of those who were mentally ill and imprisoned.
In it, Judge Leifman's efforts on behalf of the mentally ill are extensively recounted.
VENTURA -- County law enforcement and mental health agencies established a Multi-Agency Referral and Recovery Team this month to deal with mentally ill drug abusers who wind up in county jail.
People who have severe mental illness are at double to triple the risk of dying from coronary heart disease or stroke at all ages, compared with people who are not mentally ill, reported David P.